Monday, June 28, 2010

A great memories on 2010

Note : This is an olddd entry and been blogged just for my own memory sake. tq.

2010 was a very memorable year for us. As the summary-we bought a car, a house, we had re-paint our curent car from not-so-red(pink) to blue, we HAD a maid and we sort of permanently working in Cyberjaya.
We bought our dream car on June.
our dream car :)
We had re-paint our current car from not-so-red-aka-pink color to blue. 

from this sort of color-->

to this color-pix googled

We got our house key around July. And we moved in around Aug, just few weeks before Ramadhan. And, surprisingly we already had 3 events in this house; masuk rumah doa selamat, Raya open house and Ako's 6th birthday bash.
our house-pix googled
We had a maid on May but she ran away on Dec-I can't remember well.
pix googled

And, we are both now working in Cyberjaya and at this moment not thinking to shift to another working location(read : location).

So no long-detail stories to write, just as my diary setter that my 2010 was a year to remember.