Wednesday, April 30, 2008

7th day of HL- Serenity Spa Pleasure

Story about HL first.
1st thing in d morning is body measure. Tah kenapa rasa mcm ada perasaan 'kurus' sikit, so ambik measurement tape, and the result was :
pinggang : - 1'
butt : -1'

Huwaaaaaa....bestnya! Br 6 hari consumed HL dah leh turun in total -2 inch.
Tp, berat mcm br turun dlm 200 gram kot..heheh...sbb tak byk berubah pun scale.

Maybe jugak kouka sbb exercise ke..tahle, campur2 kot.
Tp, memang akan teruskan shake ni..dahla sedap.

K, story about SERENITY SPA.
Ni, muka2 br abis treatment.

Wo..memang relief sbb leh buat massage and satu lagi sbb blh menyembang..tak cukup masa sebenarnya.Half day utk jumpa kengkawan yg dah bertahun tak jumpa, memang tak cukup.
So, next we are planning for some more excitement activities...of course beauty lagi..heheh
Maybe nak gi salon pulak. Nak buat pembaharuan sikit..n, nak lepak n sembang lama2 lagi...
Semlm, mcm tak puas sbb bilik asing2...
Enjoy d pixs..

tgh tunggu Shidot ngan Ida bayar parking...
-kat entrance Serenity

cantik tak diorang? hehe...perasan..
-kat tpt menunggu tingkat atas cantik tak? heheh

kat lobby serenity spa seksyen 13.
-services best!

-peace!! nak dtg lagi ni...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

3rd day of HL

Today is d first time access internet from wireless spot. OK jugakla, kekko laju. siap blh update blog while hubby taking Ako to...where ar...not so sure. n, Alani taking a nap.

Almost forgot d main topic, 3rd of HL routine. Bfast OK, but lunch mcm dah tersasar sikit. 1st planned nak lunch at our favorite Subway, but bila lalu this 1 nasi padang restoran, nampak org ramai, tryla....huh!memang sedap. yg mcm bestnya, diorang memang hidang nasi only small bowl(soup bowl),mcm takdela terlebih mkm nasik, cuma terlebih benda2, rasa mcm under control lagi...hopefully tak lbh byk sgt kalori (altho tak kirapun selama ni...main agak2 je).

So far of HL, OK la..rasa mcm takdela keruan tahan lapar sgt.
motto ganbarou!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hantaran Emi

After a short discussion with my mom, plan nak kasik 5 dulang je from our side. That will be :
1-Cincin and bunga rampai
2-Sepasang persalinan (will be the bride's baju nikah)

For the cincin part, that will be handle by Emi and her awek la, sbb nak kena match ngan size jari and sbb dia nak pakai, so let them choose. We don't take part.

And, for the rest will be my mom and me's responsibility....maybe masuk jugakla my sis..
Unfortunately my sis ni mcm takleh buat keje lebih2, takleh fikir byk2 as she had fibroid in her rahim, so mcm takdela nak soh dia buat apa2.

So, kain persalinan baru je beli last week at Gulati's SACC Mall.
We bought it together as first I thought I just nak beli some purpleish kain and mcm nak kasik match ngan the theme color, but suddenly when my bro asked what color will the kain be?

Emi : Nak beli kain color apa, dimana and bila?
Yani : Color purple, but not sure yet bila and kat mana nak beli..
Emi : Eh, bkn selalu org beli kaler putih, krim ke?
Yani : O...nak buat nikah sekali ke? Kalau mcm tu, better beli kaler yg kamu nak pakai utk, nak kaler apa?
Emi : Tp, bagus jugak pendapat kamu (this words..I don't think it's from him...I suspect her awek is beside him discussing this thing), atau kita gi beli sama2, mcmana? Kamu nak beli kat mana? Nanti aku gi, sbb skrgpun aku dah kat KL.
(this time, confirmed he with Tira(her aweks'name)..

N, we bought it then with my opinion jugak..

to be continue with the kain's pix and some more details on other hantaran items...

2nd day of HL

Today is the 2nd day of my herbalife routine. Pagi tadi berjaya minum HL only for breakfast. Tak sentuh benda lain..but, dlm kol 9 dah start mkn epal ngan pear. Nak kena tahan sampai kol 11., takdela terasa sgt.
But, I think it's not so stressful tahan lapar altho tak mkn sgt..Memang this shake to prevent from craving...
Mmm...hopefuly my diet plan will works, and my motivation will up up and never fall..

Ops, hari ni time lunch ada meeting ngan Khairul, agent Public Mutual. Nak masuk unit trust. Kalau biar je duit dlm kwsp, mcm tak berapa membiak sgt...

Note : Khairul is Malis's hubby. Malis is my bestest friend ever... Initially she is the one who encourage and also arranged this meeting. Not saying I'm not into investment, it just don't have the chances to. So, thanks Malis...

After met Khairul(while having our Ali Maju's lunch again..huh...ruining my diet :( , we(me, Arni, Kak Lina) decided to invest in Public Islamic Dividen Fund(PIDF).

Details :

And, just check in the price from the website, currently is RM0.33.

Actually this is my first time to invest, so not very familiar with the term etc.

Overall, rasa mcm nak invest lagi lepas ni with my own money.

Coz, as Khairul said with cash money, there are more choices of product you can try..he, himself had invested in Public Ittikal Fund and last few year got almost 40% dividen! that fascinate?

Let's calculate..

if u invest lets say RM10000, so after 40% dividen u got an extra of nanto---RM4000, so your money will raised up to RM14000 in a year....

Whoo..that's a loooot of money u know...coz not even doing anything, just having normal routine, u got extra of RM4000 in a blink!

blink blink blink....:))
(while wishing my money to grow..altho invest sikit je...byk jugakla kot utk first timer..hehe)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Emi's engagement preparation..seriously dah tinggal about a week!

Balik kampung haritu, tetiba Emi ckp nak tunang on my coming birthday (4/5)..first, wondering why it must be on my birthday, why not his's?(just few days after me..on 9/5..)
He said supposed he planned on 3/5 but seems the pre-bride's side got something tak blh elak...
N, mcm dia nak kawen sgt dah(isk isk...buda-budak ni..), nak kena jugak engage as soon as possible.
So, start from that day, I pun sibukla buat necessary persiapan.

Ok...let's list down what need to prepare.
2-theme color
3-baju I n my families..nak pakai
5-my leaves(need to take leave or not)...ho..lucky me, that day fall on golden week for, I am on holiday(although not too long as d previous years)
actually my parents got kursus haji on the morning untill 12 noon.
So, seems impossible to go earlier, or I means in the morning. Luckily the pre-bride's hometown is not too far, around 1-2 hrs from Teluk Intan.

close up muka Emi-isk...soieba his pimples problem mcm tak solved lagi..

takde clear pix of himm..terpaksala ambik gamba ni...ganbar hubby pula lagi besar..hehe

Shoes bags shoes bags

For sure all womens love shoes and bags!
And, nowadays mcm tak sah lak kalau tak beli atleast 1 either shoes(sandle/loaffer/wedges etc) or bags.
Since 3,4 mths ago every mth TERbeli both! hahaha
And, yg tak penah miss ialah bags. Since when I pun tak ingat, mcm teringin nak pakai designer bags. Kira mcm menyesal jugakla selama ni the chances wa there, tp disia2kan sbb mcm takde influencer kot.
Bila keje dah asyik hadap PC tu yg mcm asyik termelekat kat shopping-ish website.


Best tol tiap2 hari viewing the page sambil2 berkira2 'ni nak beli bila..cukup ke tak bajet kalau nak beli bulan ni....hmmm..'
hahahha..mcm masalah besar lak...tu yg mcm hujung bulan nak kena spare some extra utk bayar deposit kalau nak book apa2 yg terberkenan di hati.
Ni semua koleksi2 since few mths ago.

Background semua sama, sbb ambik gambar kat ofis! heheheh(kalau bos baca blog ni kena kubi!!) :))

1st day of Herbalife

Dis new blog officially launched sempena my plan to kurus -----target nak sampai my ideal weight, and of course sbb nak note down all my progress in weight loss program while my daily activites.

OK, here are my details as for 23/4/2008:
Weight : 55.5kg
BMI : 24
Fat% (as of end of Mar) : 30%

And, here are my latest pix with my child.

My little daughter br je almost 7mths, that's mean I br je delievered my baby 7mths ago.
My weight before preggy was around 52kg. And, my target is to achieve atleast 49kg in this mmm....maybe in 3mths time.

Currently my plans such as :

1-Diet (jaga mkn)

-not taking too much nasi and carbs

-not taking oily and lemak2 food

-take a lot of vege and fruits

-drink a looot of water


Skrg ni exercise la jugak, cuma mcm takle sekerap mana. but, atleast seminggu sekali gi jogging ngan hubby and anak2.
Ni gambar2 aktiviti hujung minggu kami. Dr asyik shopping je, baik gi riadah..sihat, boleh release tension, dpt main2 ngan anak2 dan jimat. heheh

3-Herbalife (my best topic..I will create another more topics on this)
Just bought from Pikin
(Wanita Melayu.Com : )
semlm. but just try the F1 dulu. pagi td dah start minum F1 replaced the breakfast as per advised by Pikin.
Kena replace 2 meal, so b/fast ngan dinner.

Setakat ni, OK la...rasa sedap(chocolate) sbb campur ngan susu dutch lady low fat.
tak lapar sgtla...w/pun just minum tu(ngan curik sosej hubby sikit), pastu mkn half biji epal kol 9.Sepatutnya mkn epal dlm kol 10, tp sbb I lunch kol 11, so kena la ambik awal sikit.
Ni tak sabar nak tunggu mlm, sbb nak tgk tahan tak minum shake je..tanpa mkn apa2 utk dinner.