Thursday, April 24, 2008

Emi's engagement preparation..seriously dah tinggal about a week!

Balik kampung haritu, tetiba Emi ckp nak tunang on my coming birthday (4/5)..first, wondering why it must be on my birthday, why not his's?(just few days after me..on 9/5..)
He said supposed he planned on 3/5 but seems the pre-bride's side got something tak blh elak...
N, mcm dia nak kawen sgt dah(isk isk...buda-budak ni..), nak kena jugak engage as soon as possible.
So, start from that day, I pun sibukla buat necessary persiapan.

Ok...let's list down what need to prepare.
2-theme color
3-baju I n my families..nak pakai
5-my leaves(need to take leave or not)...ho..lucky me, that day fall on golden week for, I am on holiday(although not too long as d previous years)
actually my parents got kursus haji on the morning untill 12 noon.
So, seems impossible to go earlier, or I means in the morning. Luckily the pre-bride's hometown is not too far, around 1-2 hrs from Teluk Intan.

close up muka Emi-isk...soieba his pimples problem mcm tak solved lagi..

takde clear pix of himm..terpaksala ambik gamba ni...ganbar hubby pula lagi besar..hehe

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