Thursday, April 4, 2013


fuh fuh fuh (tiup habuk)

walla! it's already 2013, and yet it's April.
wohooo--another not more than a month to my birthday.

So, I'm up again writing in this blog after 1 year, or 2? Can't remember. But, since I'd born with the spirit of tegakkan sunnah untuk berniaga, so I am now introducing my new line of woman's apparel(so far) with the brand of 'Talhani'. Cute kan nama tu?
Thought that name is a unique name, registered it as a blogspot, and search it in google, and I found there's a medical supply industry with the exact same name with the exact same SPELLING >_<
What a unique name!

Btw, who ever happen to read this blog, or used to(and suddenly the notification came out with new post to this long death blog :P), please have a look onto my new blog ;


Friday, July 15, 2011

Sampai syurga

There's some time you need to find 'something', to find back your original *thing.
(thing here I would prefer to refer to LOVE)

When we are married, the love between the two will not remain as when we were(read : still are) deeply in love.

I might be not correct here. But this is just my personal thought.

Marriage is not only love for the two of us. Love is diverted to our kids, our mother, siblings, relatives, in-law especially the parents and all the rest.
It make me somehow understand what others mean by 'the man/woman love's when you are married will not be the same as now(before married) or lessen??'.
Yes, it will not. It will be diverted or in the correct word, is spread. Spreading the love.
For woman, the love diversion is sometimes hurt. But the longer you're in a marriage, it will become a natural feeling. I mean good-natural feeling.
And sometimes while learning the love-lessen part, we will gradually become a better person atleast to ourself. We can't be a selfish-love(or whatever)-taker (give and take thingy) partner. Throw away the selfish you and give more than we even take to get more love.
But, be extra cautious about the limit. There's a limit. Give-limit. If you have been giving for 20 years straight without being appreciated, without receiving anything in your hand, that's wrong. That is love-stupid.
Love-blind? Love-deaf too(in RIO movie :P)? Love-stupid?

Ok, enough with the introduction.

Faizal Tahir's songs is, no I mean mostly are awesome!

The songs are great to be hear repeatedly (still listening for 15 times now) and somehow make me memorizing back all my love memories. haha.
Memories sometimes need to be refreshen to find back your thing :)

I love my kids, my families and of course my soulmate >_<

Hey, I found my new hobby back, which is writing(altho most of them nonsense), I guess. And just for my memory sake, I started gardening too :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friendship forever

Every friend(read:bff) have their own sentimental value.
For example :
A- is my bff for this recent 2 years and we meet everyday, so we talk everything, but know nothing about my past.
B- is my another bff as we meet everyday during lunch and go shopping while boss is out :P- but nothing too personal.
C- is my bff or childhood friend as we were best friend(or belangkas) when we 12 years old.(owh..that is like almost 20 yeas back-gosh, I'm OLD :( )
and the list goes on...

I think it maybe depends on :
1-how long we have been friend
2-how close we are
3-how comfortable we are when we are alone
4-how we met
5-do we know her/his history
6-do we know her/his family
7-how are we connected (collegue@school friend@neighbour etc)

I have a bunch of my b-friends whom I always lunch with, and sometimes go window-lunch-time-shopping. It's more to collegue-connection friend. And the more we talk, I'm more deeply get to know them better everyday, and we are really comfortable talking to each other on anything nowadays.

Meanwhile, I have friends who have been my buddy since I was teenage(read:child :P). We rarely see each other, but we never lost contact since 16 years ago. We knew each other more than our parents know us :P
I mean we do a lot of things together; Europe-travel, Japan-travel, wedding-travel, spa-activity and whole lotz more. From child, till teenage till married woman, till mother of babies and untill we became someone in our career line with our own way of life, but we areee untill now still connected(especially at heart) although we are not so close(location) to each other.

My story is, one of them had just joined my lunch-buddy and we met more frequent. But, I kind-of have mix feeling about this. Of course I am more than happy to see her everyday, but we can't really talk from our heart(like we always do for few hours when we met) like always. Perhaps we are not alone and we can't suddenly stumble to 'did your son still wanted the double decker bed?' while everybody is talking about your ikan is nice..right? So, sometimes I just feel not good about being boring-normal-lunch-buddy to her. Am I that sensitive? I mean, who does really care about what do we talk on our lunch? Do we? Unfortunately I am. Oh gosh, I am stupid :(

So from now, I don't want to think what will I say, or what she will say on our lunch-date, while planning our routine-spa-tea-session again.
I want to keep our precious-most-significance-relation till end of my life and growing the pool bigger. I mean, of course my lunch buddy now is more than that. When I have anything to share, I will get to them. If I need mental and moral support, they are the one who I get to.

Ayat2 masa zaman sekolah : Friendship forever :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Healthy? Kurus?

ehem ehem. testing 1 2 3..

it's been a while since I wrote the last entry. owh, it's nearly a month. and it's more or less nearly 1 month I didn't wear the sport shoes and left my gym bag abandoned :P
I don't know why it's very hard to blog, or to constantly writing in a blog. which means to login to bloggers(sometimes I even forgot which email address to use), to click on 'new entry', to post, and to view blog. fuh...
I do love reading others blog which inspired me to write, but when it comes to mine, argh...malasla.

So, there's so many things to blog, but lemme start with my health status first. yeah, of course I'm fine internal and externally, but I need to lose weight. That is actually why this blog was established for at the first place. To make notes on each and every steps of it.

I had started with the few-times of gym entrance. But, it just last for few times. Yes, I'll go again, but I need motivation. Like..a new gold-ring, or few dinar or perhaps new set of lingerie...:P

And, I think I need a herbalife again.
I need to shred fat on my lengan and peha especially. It's been on the yellow-red line recently. It's kind-of feel sad when you can't sarung your blouse when it comes to the lengan part. I know it's the shirt that shrink sometimes(sedap hati sendiri :P), but I know it's my alarm.

Ok, so that's it for today. I'll blog again when I managed to step into the gym again or started the herbalife. Which ever come first :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Day 4:
Calory lost : 160
Time taken : 26 mins
Distance : 2.5km (fuh..nearly 6 round pusing padang)

 Today's feeling : Tired but hilang stress :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fresh Wednesday

Day 3rd :
Calory lost : 130KCal
Distance : 2.1km
Time taken : approx 20min
Fee : RM5 (+ RM2.30 for 100plus)

Feeling : Indescribable happy

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tudung jenis apakah pilihan anda?

saya ada 1 kisah.

saya masuk surau nak solat.
ada lebih kurang 3 org tgh dok atas sejadah.
sypun buatla apa yg patut ; ambik telekung, ambik sejadah, bentang sejadah, bukak tudung,
gi tpt wuduk berus gigi, ambik wuduk, dan solat........

abis solat, sypun letakla balik telekung dan sejadah.
dan, sypun ambikla tag, berus gigi dan tudung.
dan, sy menuju ke cermin.
dekat depan cermin tu, ada 2 org tgh pakai tudung.
2 org ni antara 3 org yg dah ada dlm surau masa sy masuk tadi.
kira pack la depan cermin tu.

depan skali tgh betulkan tudung ala ariani, dan sorang lg belakang dia tgh pakai brooch utk tudung bawal.
kira mcm beriya2 la tgh siap.
sy dtg belakang diorang sambil cari lubang tudung nak sarung kat kepala,
berenti dlm 2 saat belakang diorang, sarung tudung...dan terus pakai tag sambil berjalan ke pintu.
dan, terus sarung kasut keluar.

bestkan pakai tudung yg simple, takyah nak brooch dan takyah nak pin2, betul2kan?

Tryla tudung Pearl Haya sport version.
Tudung ni amat berguna masa pergi ke masjid, dimana tak perlu nak bukak tudung dan pakai anak tudung lain, dan dimana tempat solat wanita takde penghadang dr tpt lelaki.
Ia juga sgt berguna bila anda nak keluar dlm keadaan yg amat tergesa2...
dan berguna bila takde mood/malas nak iron tudung,
dan juga berguna bila orang beratur nak tgk cermin betulkan tudung, walhal kita cuma perlu cari lubang tudung nak sarung kat kepala je :P

p/s : iklan ini bukan tajaan sesiapa. dikongsi utk kesenangan sesama umat.