Monday, February 28, 2011

Hand cream addict

I am addicted to hand cream. One of the must-buy-item when I don't have any particular things to buy when window-shopping(read: window) outing is a hand cream or hand lotion.Yes, my hands are dry type and when nothing apply to it, I think my hand's surface can replace a daily scrub to my face :P

I have hand lotions stock everywhere-I mean anywhere I often go. I have 1 on my table in my office,  1 on my side table in my room, 1 in my wardrobe, and another 1 in my handbag. I think that's all. Or, do I have more?heheh.  I can't remember well since I only use the backup lotion once in a while and Alani is the primary owner to it now.

So far, my favorite is the shea butter by body shop.
on my office's desk

in my wardrobe

in my bag

on my side table in my room-Alani's favorite :P

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Shida Hamid said...

berapa jenis dah ko nye cream lotion...