Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am happy

I am a blessed and most happiest mom in the world today. Alani went to the nursery without crying and waving to me happily(altho ada mcm nak nangis sikit2).
It made my day~~~

It has been a week plus since I started to sent her and Ako to this nursery, and she've been crying like some stranger bully her :( And, to prevent that to happen infront of me, I asked her dad to send her instead.
Luckily it was fine and successful(pandai kan ibu? :P).
But today she is willing to be send by me....
I love you darling~~~

from this face

to this sort of happy-feeling face

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Shida Hamid said...

Kalau ayah hantar mmg budak2 ni tak banyak songeh kan...sbb ayah kibishi tambah2 tgk ayah dah menyimpan jambang tuh ehheheheh kowai...akupon kowai...hahahhaha