Monday, February 21, 2011

Abandoned blog with a lazy-not-so-busy blogger

Howdy?? Howdy?? What am I doing all these while?

1-Working for 365 days

2-Being a mom of STILL 2 big boy AKO and anak daraku ALANI

3-Being a busy as a queen bee wife for mr-sudah-berjambang-hubby(hope he will not found this blog soon-or good enuf untill i can keep quiet from telling him i'd updated back my blog-which is not-so-yani-thing :P)

4-Being an around-er 6-hours housewife to handle house-chore withOUT a helper---which had runawayyyyy far far away--if i have time, i'll blog about this :) (n, this will also happen if I'm able to continue blogging :P)

5-Being a daughter, younger and older sister, good-helpful relative, neighbour(altho i had only 2 neighbour) to all my close one's

6-Being a good and again helpful friend to all my friends out there (mood perasan) are the list goes

p/s : wishing am having this same feeling when turning to d office tomorrow morning--or else, nobody will see me writing again


Shida Hamid said...

welcome back!

YANI said...

huhuhuhu....harap2nya kita dpt berjuang menyambung buat diari hari2....wakakakkakaka

Mama Liena said...

hisashiburi yani , welkam back !!! :)

YANI said...

kuek kuek..itik baru menetas dr telur selepas 1000 hari mengeram :P