Thursday, February 24, 2011


When it comes to outside breakfast, first thing in my mind is Mamak.
I know it's a totally bad eating habit but sometimes when thinking of choices we have, it is almost ----everywhere mamak----
And, for another unfortunate thing is, a newly(not quite new) open mamak restaurant just a walking distance from my house. Some kind of mix-feeling. Whether we should be thankful or the other way around. Yes, it depends on situation. For some evening-early night-express-empty stomach, yes, this is a good thing. Just sarung something proper, vroom-here we are.
But, sometimes when I don't have mood to defrost ikan, daging etc (maybe I need a new fridge with d defrost function LOL) and so tired to even slice a garlic, so here we are again--the mamak :(

Seriously to be honest, I would prefer something simple and healthy for my breakfast.
Like, be it an omelet, or toast bread with butter and kaya, or just a banana with milk. Walla! It's a perfect for me. So, for my memory sake and maybe for others to enjoy, here is a menu for my gorgeous-healthy omelete. Actually I learnt this while I was on my 6th anniversary vacation in Santika Hotel in Bali. heheh.

Ingredients : 2 eggs, some sausage, onions,tomatoes, celery, any kind of mushrooms, cheese and some salt, butter for saute and ground black pepper.
Small chopped all the veggies, onions and sausages.


sliced cheese

ground black pepper

How to cook :
To cook the veggies :
1-Melt some butter in fry pan, and add onion-saute for a while.
2-Add all the veggies into fry pan
3-Add salt and ground black pepper.
4-Once cooked, remove from pan and set aside.

To cook the eggs :
1-Stir eggs and add some salt.
2-Add some butter into the fry-pan again and add the eggs untill half cook.
3-Pour cheese randomly all over the eggs and add-on some ground blackpepper.
4-Add all the veggies into a side of the eggs, and wrap(cover) the other onto it.

To add more flavor, eat it with tomato sauce...and it's so yummy :)

p/s : you can play around with any veggies you like. for me, I just add any veggies I found in my fridge :P

my gorgeous-healthy omelete :) -pix googled