Friday, May 30, 2008

Why we need Life insurance

Why we need Life insurance ?
Let's conclude it in a simple and understandable way :

1-to secure your family
situation 1
if something happen to you and your spouse(ex while driving to office), who will take care of your child? Your child are dependent on us to buy them food and clothing. They need money from us to survive, need us to pay for their university education.
Is it your going to be 60 years old mom? Or your sister who have 6 childs and with less than 1K of income per month?

situation 2
If something happen to your spouse(esp your hubby)?who will take care of your family?
Who will bare the car loans, mortgage, bills, babysitter, school fee, etc?your father who nearly 75 this year? your brother who will be marry on this Oct?

2-to cover your medical expenses
situation 1
If you got cancer(nauzubillah) and been admitted to any private hospital.
Your company might cover you up to RM50K, but the total bill is RM90K.
Where will you dig the rest of RM40K?From your saving? I believe you will thinking from which bank? From Swiss bank? haha

What if it's your child situation, and he/she are not covered by your company.
I think most of the company covering the outpatient cost, but not the hospitalization cost.
I know some maybe said, just admit them to any government hospital..yeah, it work...but, you are an Engineer, your wife is an finance executive and you drive a Toyota Vios, and everyone know you are a wealth person...are you willing to admit your child to Kajang Hospital? Plus, the hospital is crowded, the nurse faces like lions, it smells like hell....still thinking to go to that hospital?
And, from where you will dig that 3K for only 1 day admission? ASB? Al rajhi?

3-to force saving money
situation 1
You live in Bandar Kinrara. You drive a well known Waja car. You have 2 childs. You have to pay and being forced to pay for :
3-car loan
5-credit card (1, 2 ?)
6-babysitter/nursery or maybe the swimming/piano class
7-TNB/indah water/syabas/telekom bills
8-maxis/digi/celcom bills
9-susu. diapers
10 bla bla bla bla
20-SAVING? is there any left?
(if I really wanted to list this, maybe need an A3 size of paper. )

So, is there any left for the no 20(saving) item?

4-Funeral costs (for muslims maybe not too much...but still need ha..)
Today’s funeral costs are exorbitant! If you die and do not have an insurance policy someone else will have to be responsible for paying the very high cost of your funeral. On the other hand, if you have a life insurance policy, you can arrange the funeral party of your choice.

5-To save your relationship
Either with your spouse or any of your friends/relatives.
I think maybe many of us realize that money is almost everything to us.
Not the most important, but our relationship or many other things can be affected with this issue.
Imagine if you have a daughter that sick and need to have continuos treatment, and you don't have any policy's covered, where should you get the money?And, you have left nothing in your bank account...
You may need to borrow from relatives and friends...or donation? Argh...the last thing should be in mind.
With all this burden, do you think you can just sit down on your couch, sleep on your bed, watching movies...I don't think so. You will suffer like hell is it? You will start fighting with your spouse, you will not talking to others that much, you will not contact your relatives/friends that you borrowed money from until you can repay, how could you maintain your relationship?

Don't assume I am an insurance agent ye..hehe...I'm not.
But, just want to share something that I really think a NEED to anyone in our current lifestyle.
P/S-but, I still can have someone to contact anyone who interested to have life insurance policy..hehehe

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shed weight!!

Woke up from sleep, terus timbang.
Berjaya shed another 0.5kg. Okla jugak..sbb mcm dah terasa badan ringan sikit..hehe
Thank you herbalife.
Lepas ni nak ajak ramai lagi org yg bermasalah nak turunkan berat badan esp, utk sertai rasa seronott ini... wink wink :))

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Herbalife (journey to become..)distributor

Setelah melihat outcomenya yg maybe not too drastic to me, but really helping me to control my appetite and at the same time loosing my weight...
I decided utk bergerak sedikit aktif mempromosikan produk herbalife.
Kesan pada diri sendiri pun dah, mcm nak jugak menolong org lain dpt kouka yg maybe lagi hebat dr diriku.
Sbb, as Pikin said this product will take differ effects to anyone.
Maybe utk org yg terlebih air, or mcm terlebih lemak...kesannya akan lebih cepat sbb produk ni akan menshedkan unwelcome lebihan dlm badan, dan dlm masa yg sama akan meningkatkan metabolisme.

Ciplak idea Pikin :
...formula 1 is for food replacement-can detox ur body-and high in protein so boleh bina muscle/body firming-the more muscle the body can build the faster they burn the calorie-konsep kita ni more to loose in inches-but still u can loose weight...

formula 3 pulak is additional protein - to curb hunger and helps to build lean musclehow this prod works?First they build your muscle and at the same time extract fat and loose weight...

...tea tu untuk boost metabolism and boost energy...

Dan, hari ni dah berjaya mempromote kawan2 seramai 2 org..utk try this product!
hahaha...kira dah ok la kan..

So, guys out there, whoever want to try this product at LOWER price..please response.
Actually I'm not a distributor, but I manage to get this price with my current disctributor.
So, I'm willing to share this info with others outside there.

Let's compare:
Normal price :
Formula 1(F1) -RM148
Formula 3(F3) -RM102
Tea mix - RM113(50g) /RM199(100g)

My price :
Formula 1(F1) -RM113
Formula 3(F3) -RM78
Tea mix - RM86(50g) /RM152(100g)

To have better idea, you can refer to

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Balik kampung

Today is my last day for this weekend. hahaha! Mcm nak resign pulak. Tomorrow onwards, I'll babysit my 2 childs since our babysitter will be enjoying their school holiday break untill next Tuesday.

So, we're taking this chance to go back to JB. Dah lama jugak tak balik JB.

Alani ngan nenek..

Kami makan angin di Danga Bay

Sebelum balik, rembat dulu barang2 idaman.

Tima kasih Irwan for these pixs.
Lunch td sempat ke Bangsar Village grabbing 1 of my wishlist; Liz Claiborne swingpack.
And, 2 new shoes. best.

Lepas balik kg nanti, nak upload gambar Ako Alani bersama atok, nenek uncle, unties dia...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fasihah Alani part 1

My youngest(among 2..hehe) is Fasihah Alani. We called her Alani.
She is becoming 8 months old on this 27th May.
She was born on 27/9/2007 at KPMC Puchong at 3.30am.
At this moment, nothing much to tell about her...

Untill today milestones :
1-dah ada 2 batang gigi kat bawah...and, another sebatang tgh nak muncul..and, kat ataspun mcm dah nampak putih2...maybe 5 teeths in another 2 weeks...hopefully..
2-berpusing2 atas tilam...(belum merangkak), normally looking for any voices or any kelibat keliling dia
3-teringin nak mkn apa org dewasa mkn. so, kenala suap dia even kek, donut(jco...sbb tgh giler jco skrg ni), nasi..semuala...cubit sikit2 je...suap. hence his abgpun dah pandai cubit kecik2 je whatever dia mkn, nak kasik kat adik sweet!
Hm...nanti sambung lagi pasal dua beradik ni. I ada benda menarik nak surf jap..

Fakhrul Radzi part 1

Since launched this blog, I never really describes in details about my 2 childs.

My eldest child is Fakhrul Radzi aka AKO. He got his short name since he was little baby. Coz it quite hard to pronounce Fakhrul in full, so we just simplify it to A.K.O. Cute kan that name.
He was born on 2/2/2005 (22 Zulhijjah) around 1pm at Putrajaya.
Now he is around 3 years and 4 months.
His favorite character is Thomas and friends.
Instead he also likes Barney, Spongebob Square Pants(he pronounce it as 'bobob pepen'), Pingu and Tellitubbies.
He got like more than 20 CD's of all his favorites cartoons, since he very likes watching CD's and movies. Recently he is very addicted to Ratatouille. He had been watching it like....hmm...10 times straight. Actually I also like the movie so much. Mcm dah hafal all the scripts...Very outstanding movie!

What else about Ako..
1-he is not wearing pampers anymore (except bedtime at night) since half year ago
2-he eat nasi only, or ayam only or nasi n ayam. no sayur, no TELUR(his most unlike dish) at all
3-he likes RED color. anything in red will do! (shirt, shoe, car(coz his dad's car is red), strawberry etc)
4-he likes seedless grapes, apples and any sour fruits
and, many more..but won't able to list all down. will take more than 1 whole blog to finish.. :o

Monday, May 19, 2008


My most wanted list :

1-Fossil Pink MOP Twist..
probably from hubby as my birthday present...
rite..hubby? is that correct? (I know you are reading this...hehe)
Opps, no worry..I remember the pullnbear jeans that you mentioned the other day.
Maybe you can surf it from here :
yg ni...ok tak? wink wink :o

2-Nokia N73
I'm not a gadget persion. So, I think this is good enuf for someone who want to have quite canggih and popular(glamour) phone..
My current phone dah mcm too outdated la, mcm nak kasik kat Ako je...
My collegue gave me this link to check for the price.

This is the list for today. I will update more after I got any dreamssss later.

Friday, May 16, 2008

After 3 weeks of HL

3 weeks and 1 day from consumed HL.

Akhirnya selepas beberapa minggu berat static...turun jugak!
Berakhirla weight platue ku...uresshii.
Altho just turun tak sampai, ni dah petanda baik dan tanda2 yg diet ku(tahan dugaan mkn) berjaya la..
Selama ni ingatkan mcm tak de hasil ke dok tahan mkn, rupa2nya berkat kesabaranku,barula nampak hasilnya.
Another 4.5kg more to go! the reward, mcm nak beli satu swingpack utk diri sendiri.
Liz Claiborne Swingpack ni...nice kan.


Ops, lupa nak update pasal professioon ku yg teramat la memeningkan semenjak dua menjak ni.

Akhirnya aku dah made decision yg paling kufikirkan paling susah setakat ini....

Aku tolak d offer !! Huwaaa...unbelievable.

Setelah bertahun kutunggu peluang ini...dan akhirnya aku lepaskan.

Takpela..rezeki semua di tangan-Nya.

Insyaallah ada rezeki lain..maybe I deserve better..hopefully. ami--n

Thursday, May 15, 2008

HL ku harapan ku

Tittle dah mcm org bercinta lak...hehehe.
Cita pasal HL. hari ni genap 3 minggu consumed HL.

Bangun pg td, try timbang....sedih sikitla..berat maintain je.
Tp, ambik pita pengukur...peha dan lengan dah mengecik!!!
Peha turun 1', lebih kurang 2cmla.
Lengan turun 0.5', dlm 1 cm la...

Nampak mcm sikit, means a whole world for me, coz the most critical part yg I nak turunkan, dah nampak hasilnya.

Ni yg lagi semangat nak teruskan. Skrg ni mcm dah bercita2 nak jadik distributor lak..maybe lepas dah dpt potongan idaman dan berat idaman.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life goes on

Life has to move on.

Whatever does happens in our routine either it a very sad or it's extremely awesome, nothing can stop from our life to move on.

No comma neither forward to pause or faster the scene as we wish to.

We have to face the qada and qadar.

Huh! Semenjak dua menjak ni, asyik benda2 ni la yg dok terngiang-ngiang dlm kepala. Susah nak concentrate on kerja or whatever need to concentrate to. Mesti, asyik nak terfikir pasal my life, or to be exact my profession.

Dahla, malas nak cita...penat.'s been a while not to story about my HL routine.
Recently, I dah start consumed the 2 nd bottle of F1.

Tahle, skrg ni mcm tak brp ada hasil it coz I curik2 mkn jugak masa dinner or, maybe sbb mcm Pikin ckp lemak2 tgh bertukar kpd muscle? Really hope that it's the later reason.
Sbb so far, every weekend, I'm still gigih berjogging, even tak la on both days(Sat and Sun).

It's ok, assuming that my muscle is building up, and perhaps it's the weight platue, I will keep consuming HL.

Last week, try added F1 cappucino with Soymilk.

The taste is not bad. lagipun I memang suka ngan F1 ni..yummy!

to be continue...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Memorable weekend (Happy Mother's Day!)

Saturday-mandi manda at Sg Congkak, Ulu Langat. Recently dah jadi aktiviti rutin mandi kat, sejuk...nyaman.

Alani dah mcm muka ibu tak?

Cuba teka kaki sape yg nu--n kat hujung kecik...

Baring atas batu....sejut sejut

Then, on conjunction with Mother's Day, raikan diri sendiri with mkn Carls Jr n Jco.

Actually takdela perasan sendiri..sbb hubbypun mcm tolong kemas rumah. Ishikishiterukadouka wo..docchidemo ii..heheh...

Terima kasih sgt2 kat hubby, satu lagi sbb bawak mkn JCo.

Yani, selamat hari Ibu! semoga jadi ibu mithali...
Mcm insaf sikit lak..lepas ni kalau boleh, dah taknak marah ako selalu.

Lepas mkn kat Jco,met Ida n Suru kat kopitiam bandar Puteri Puchong.

Purple girls

Ida, kontrol ayu ni...heheh

Alani tgk lampu....lampu antik tu..

Best jumpa diroang, walaupun mcm sekejap je.
Zannen jugak sbb Malis tak sempat dtg. Dia ada hal kat Cheras.
Maybe next time.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Profession ku-part 3

Today is quite a bright day for me. Maybe coz wearing new exactly new shirt, the shirt inside my blouse. Arni br je suruh ambik gambar, sbb mcm nak buat kenangan, tp malasla mcm poyo pulak...heheh

Back to the issue. Just read email from Malis this morning.
So kandou....let's read it together :

Yani,... hidup ini penuh dengan keputusan....
Tapi setahu aku la... keputusan yang paling bijak ialah keputusan yang mementingkan kemaslahatan jangka panjang.

Contohnya, kalau nak makan, orang yang sibuk selalu tak sempat nak makan tengah hari. Dia selalu skip makan dengan alasan sibuk dan perlu siapkan kerjanya kerana kerjanya itu penting tapi ada seorang lagi masih luangkan masa untuk makan walaupun sibuk. Akhirnya orang yang selalu skip meals itu tetap tidak cemerlang dalam tugasnya kerana dia selalu ambil MC dan selalu sakit2 sebab selalu skip meals. Orang yang selalu sibuk tapi masih luangkan masa 30 minit shari untuk lunch masih dapat memberikan prestasi yang cemerlang kerana tubuhnya yang sihat memberinya peluang untuk melakukan tugas dengan sempurna dalam jangka panjang.
Begitulah falsafah aku plak... cehhh tak nak kalah dengan Yan bab falsafah ni... hehehe

Aku rasa tak salah kalau kamu kodowaru fasal duit. Duit kan penting.
Aku ada satu article yang menarik tentang life is full or empty.
Bayangkan Kau ada gelas, ada guli dan ada pasir dan air.
Kalau kau masukkan guli tu dulu, kau masih ada ruang untuk masukkan pasir kemudian masukkan air.
Tapi kalau kau masukkan pasir dulu sampai penuh gelas, kau tidak akan ada ruang untuk masukkan guli apatah lagi nak masukkan air.

So, guli ialah keluarga atau sesuatu yang penting dan memberikan kebahagiaan. Pasir dan air ialah sesuatu yang memberi nilai tambah pada kebahagiaan tersebut.
Kalau kau pandai prioritize, kau akan dapat masukkan semuanya dalam gelas itu, kalau tidak kau tidak akan dapat masukkan semuanya.

I really hope my decision is the most right thing ever. Had discussed with hubby, actually not so much things to reconsider since hubby's concern is only the working shift.
So, today need to do some follow up with Mr. S and need to see boss.
Wish me luck!

Add on 18:05
Nak add something on my nayami.
Just met AP lead; Mr K. Discuss on my sayonara.
He want to know details of that company. I just said it's a bank, got much more better benefits (AL, permanent). Not more. I don't think it should be reveal...
Plus, as usual what is my concern and anything that they can offer to make me comfortable here..or in a simple way, they are willing to counter my offer..
I should be happy right, maybe a little..becoz he will need to discuss with my higher boss, Mr D.
So, he will let me know the outcome on Monday. Hopefully, something that I mintak..such as converting to permanent and perhaps any chances of my career progression..we'll see.

Well, have a piece pleasure weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Profession ku lagi

Argh....why we have to make choices? Why we must sacrifice? Can't we have it all? What we want, have it all together in our hands?
Hm....tak baik ckp mcm tu kan..
All the things happen had something hidden...ada hikmah disebaliknya.
That's why we have to tawakkal, to istikharah berserah kepada-Nya. All comes with reason and we are the one who should diagnose it, and make a very rasional wise decision.
I really really hope I will do so. ami--n.

OK. back to the issue.
Unfortunately, sadly, badly to say they are not wiling to give me more than they are offering. They are sticking at their figure and not even willing to add another RM10 more.
Another few hours to think deeeeeeply about this.
But, I might be so lucky to have friends who always be my supporting angels.
Always gives motivation when I'm in blueee mood.

This is what Yan's story :

yan: cite pasal 4 ekor tikus
yan: tikus dok kat gudang cheese
yan: 2 ekor tikus nih asyik mkn jek..
yan: kira comfort zone dier la..
yan: ari-ari bgn mkn cheese
yan: dan 2 tikus lg..dia mkn jgak cheese
yan: tp lama-lama dia nampak cheese tuh dah nak abes
yan: tp yg 2 ekor td tak nampak yg cheese derang nak abes..yer la..comfort zone sesangat..
yan: pastu yg 2 ekor tikus tu dia kuar drp gudang tuh carik cheese kat tempat lain..
yan: dan dia jumpa bnyk sgt cheese..lg bnyk drp gudang yg td
yani: hahahah
yani: menarik
yan: so..dia ajak kawan dier pegi..kawan dier tak nak
yan: kawan dier takut..tak pernah kuar drp gudang tuh
yan: last-last, tikus yg tinggal td rugi la...
yan: sbb cheese dah abes...
yan: dah abes baru nak pindah..
yani: hahaha
yan: dan pi tempat lain pun cheese dah takde..
yan: morale of the story..
yan: jgn terlalu selesa ngan comfort zone
yan: pastu grab peluang yg ada
yan: the end ahahaha

Very very motivated story.

This is what Ida said :

Ida2: ada sempai aku dulu dia blah sato join toyota... gaji mmg turun giller tapi tetap dia acceept
yani: yeke?
yani: nape?
Ida2: iyerrrr
Ida2: sebab dia percaya ngan toyota
Ida: hasilnyerrr... sekarang kalau kerja ngan sato tak mungkin dia dapat gaji sebanyak yg dia dapat sekarang
yani: yeke?
yani: sbb bonus ke?
yani: increament?
Ida2: maksudnyer dia benti sato tuh mmg tindakan yg betul
Ida2: bonus, increment sumer okay dari sato... benefit pon tak yah cakap la kan
yani: mm....gamble la kan
Ida2: ye betul
Ida2: kita tak tau apa yg akan berlaku di hadapan
Ida2: mungkin sekarang gaji sikit
Ida2: sapa tau increment nko nanti ker
Ida2: kaisya revise gaji ker
Ida2: we never know
Ida2: kita jgn tgk dari segi gaji jer
Ida2: mungkin kat situ kurang tapi kat tempat lain byks
Ida2: tapi keputusan di tangan nko

What a very good sample

Suru said :

Yani, aku baru abis baca blog kamu.Dari ayat2 kamu tu, aku dapat rasa yang kamu mmg tengah ochikomu dan nayanderu….Fukuzatsu
Kalau aku jadi kamu pun aku nayamu…..

Aku rasa kan Yani, kamu boleh cool kan diri kamu dengan list up pro vs contra dulu. Pastu, kamu boleh pk kan lagi secara teliti dari situ. Kita ni kalau dalam konran, mmg susah nak buat decision.
Jadi, untuk mengelakkan dari buat wrong decision, baik kita ochitsuku dulu.Kalau result tunjuk banyak negative observation dari positive, itu mungkin salah satu petunjuk yang kamu deserve better than that place dan sekarang belum sampai lagi kot tentuan-Nya (macam Fiza cakap).


And macam Fiza cakap gak, jom g shopping untuk release kan kamu punya nayamu tu….Hahaha…(Insyaallah, aku turun KL hari Sabtu ni. Gi kenduri kohai Yamanashi)

Fiza said :

Ganbatte yani.. mmg ada masa kita ochikomu giler.. aku pon ada gak macam tu. Skrg engko ngan dot tgh alaminya..Tapi dunia ni mmg mcm roda...kitto hari kita kat atas akan tiba..hehehe... Eh kat EDS ada supervisor position.. cuba try tu gak... situ mmg gaji mahal, permanent and ada career path.Maybe you deserve better... sebab tu Tuhan tak mudahkan rezeki engko kat tempat sekarang...Kitto Allah ada reason to make you better... Sabar Yani.. pegi shopping... ilangkan sikit stress...
To Yani and Dot, bersabar, sebab biler sampai masanya, beban atas bahu korang akan terlepas...and kita rasa release sengsangat.Dulu aku ingat lagi masa aku dah jadik giler kat sini, aku tulis mail kat korang...korang hannou and ada yg call...Korang ckp jer pasal nayami tu banyak kali sekalipon, kami akan dengar... Itu jer cara kitaorang as a friend menolong korang.Sampai masanya, semua akan selesai... ganbatte norikoete ne...Yani kalau dah rasa mcm dah sampai masa to move on, just pergi dulu. Sebab nenpou teki tak berubah sangat.Benefit tu penting gak. Bnyk bleh cover expenses.


And, base on all these comments from my friends, I had made my mind. Made wise decision. But, will discuss more details precisely with my hubby.
So, tomorrow will be the big day. If I'm leaving my current kerusi empok, I will see my boss first thing in the morning.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Profession ku

On last Monday I got a new thing to think, to confuse, to diagnose, to deeply give a think, to think, to investigate, to list down.....PENING!@!!!??@@@

I got a new offer from company that I dreamt of. I'm looking forward to join them since last year, since I went to the first interview with the cute little manager.
The manager had told me all benefits and good things that I think every employee dream of if I work with them..but, in 1 BIG condition.
--to DECREASE my salary--

I know it sound really materialistic and how money $$$$ oriented I am...but, I think nothing is more important than that..yes, except family...that was excluded at the first place.

I cut off my only chances by increasing my expected salary when that fellow urge to know my true comfort salary. I did told him the real figure, but I WAS REJECTED.
That is one of my really frustrated things I had faced last year.

And, you know I'm facing that again.
Since last few weeks I had again interviewed and tested by some hiring staff there..and finally I got the job. Acknowledged by my very patient agent Mr S on last Monday.

My honored to got the job at last..after 1 year of really long waited.
But, the problem comes again.
S . A. L. A. R. Y
Which one should I prefer most? benefits or monthly salary?
They agree to offer me an amount that faaarrr away (an about 15% lesser than my curent salary)..or is it not too far? For me it's a lot of money coz I can buy atleast 1 Coach hobo with that amount. Meaning that I have to loose 1 handbag a month if I'm joining them.
What a mess....huh! (or, I'm too emotional..)

Actually hubby not too worry about the salary(maybe he's not thinking the way I think..the handbag thinggy..heheh), his most concern is the working shift difference.
If I were scheduled on the evening shift, by right we have to prepare another car (or maybe motorcycles..hubby just thought maybe he could buy a scrambler(betul ke eja ni)..or maybe some big motor) will be some extra cost, while my salary will be decrease....

So, now I'm really really suspen to wait for the Mr S call.
He is negotiating the salary for me, and also confirming the working shift hour.

Here are the benefits of the company :
Note : ( ) is my current company benefit...
1-Permanent staff (I'm a contractor now)
2-Medical benefit for my whole family + hospitalization (current only cover myself)
3-Bonus for atleast 2 mth of salary on every February (no bonus)
4-EPF-employer contribution will increase up to 16% after 5 year of service, actually after 3 years is 14% (sampai mati 12%...)
5-Housing loan (ada la promotion PC's stuff sekali sekala)
6-Stock to staff (no- maybe provided for permanent..not sure)
7-RAYA HOLIDAY will be prioritized to muslims (need to rotate, and I never got off for raya except last year coz I'm on maternity leave)
I think the Raya holiday is also the most favorites ever for joining this company. Normally no IT(which support Japanese users) will give leaves to agents. Yes, we can take leaves but by rotate.
And, need to nego with team mate, need to jang keng..need to tahan from tercakap 'eh, kasikla aku cuti...kampung aku jauh, anak aku kecik..bla bla'. That's the most difficult part.
I am not the person who are willing to just pentingkan diri sendiri...coz I understand all who had kids nak, that's why it's really hard when it comes to discuss about raya holiday.
But, I am so desperate to get off on raya thinking of my 2 cute little child who will beraya only with his dad and maybe atok, opah, nenek or other relatives except MOM!! Huwaaaaaaaa....tak sanggup dah!!!!

Plus, the location is very very near to my house, an about 15 mins. No toll.
And, the career progression is quite interesting..from what I heard.
They can move around either within their internal department or to the bank HQ(did I mentioned this is a bank?..), in maybe after 2,3 years of joining them.

While at my current compant, unfortunately I had been doing the same boring thing, the same role, the same job scope for almost 2 years. And, I think it's hard for me to move or go higher because of my 'Japanese language' things.
I think they seems very hard to find the Jap speaker in they are not letting any of us leaves this team untill

So, I'm still waiting for the mystery call untill now......
will update once I got anything new...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

13th day of HL( it 10th?) Emi's engagement day

Actually not so sure is it calculated as 13th day, or 10th day..since I just ignored the diet rules on the weekend. Balik kampung! tula yg paling lemah sekali.

Bila balik kampung, mulala mkn, mkn, mkn and mkn....memang takde aktiviti lain yg lebih menarik...dan menggiurkan..

Rasanya mcm semua org faham kenapa susah nak diet kalau balik rumah. Ok, let's make an example :

Mak : Yani, gi hidang nasik. Semua org dah lapar ni, dah pukul 9 ni..
Yani : OK. jap, nak letak Alani..
(preparing the table and whatsoever...., and, try to blah dr situ..kononnya nak diet, lgpun mcm br minum shake..)
Mak : Eh, kamu tak mkn ke?
Yani : Aaaaaa.....(nak ckp tak mkn pagi ke? nak ckp sakit perut ke..nak ckp tak selera ke? which one is the acceptable reason? sambil menggaru kepala....)
Mak : Dokla situ...biar mak pegang Alani..tuang air tu..
Yani : (bg Alani kat mak, tuang air..MAKAN! )

Mmm....mcm susahnya nak elakkan diri dr TAK MKN dekat rumah mak.
Ok, kiranya I consider today is the 10th day..even the shake dah nak abis..sbb minum jugak...cuma dengan ambil makanan...(sambil menggaru kepala lagi...)

N, utk harini takde apa2 nak dikongsi selain dr, SHAKE itu sgt sedap.

Dan, I dah pelbagaikan campurannya.
2 scoop F1 + 2 scoop powder soymilk + 1 scoop susu tepung omega + 1 scoop protein(GNC-curik hubby punya..hehe)

Ok, Emi's engagement.
First..semuanya berjalan dengan lancar..except adala salah faham sikit, sbb kami tak follow adat betul2...itu, mcm malas nak cita sbb itu hal org tua2..

D most important part is..the hantaran..the purple lovely sweet hantaran..heheheh(puji sendiri)

Nila hasilnya...gambar utk setiap hantaran tu, nantila upload next time...sbb mcm dah tercut lak letak dlm laptop hubby...
Rasa mcm the complete set of this hantaran, memang betul2 mcm yg ku rancangkan.Tema- purple... simple yet elegant.

Ni some pix taken on the 4th May(also my 30th birthday...)

from left : kepala Ulwan(KakG's son), Me(berdiri), my Mom, my uncle in law, my Dad

Makcik Jah holding Alani, Tira(the pre-bride), Mom, Me, Kak G

Ni hantaran diroang: maroon theme...(but their's is 9 dulang, our's only 5 :) )