Monday, May 19, 2008


My most wanted list :

1-Fossil Pink MOP Twist..
probably from hubby as my birthday present...
rite..hubby? is that correct? (I know you are reading this...hehe)
Opps, no worry..I remember the pullnbear jeans that you mentioned the other day.
Maybe you can surf it from here :
yg ni...ok tak? wink wink :o

2-Nokia N73
I'm not a gadget persion. So, I think this is good enuf for someone who want to have quite canggih and popular(glamour) phone..
My current phone dah mcm too outdated la, mcm nak kasik kat Ako je...
My collegue gave me this link to check for the price.

This is the list for today. I will update more after I got any dreamssss later.

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