Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life goes on

Life has to move on.

Whatever does happens in our routine either it a very sad or it's extremely awesome, nothing can stop from our life to move on.

No comma neither forward to pause or faster the scene as we wish to.

We have to face the qada and qadar.

Huh! Semenjak dua menjak ni, asyik benda2 ni la yg dok terngiang-ngiang dlm kepala. Susah nak concentrate on kerja or whatever need to concentrate to. Mesti, asyik nak terfikir pasal my life, or to be exact my profession.

Dahla, malas nak cita...penat.'s been a while not to story about my HL routine.
Recently, I dah start consumed the 2 nd bottle of F1.

Tahle, skrg ni mcm tak brp ada hasil it coz I curik2 mkn jugak masa dinner or, maybe sbb mcm Pikin ckp lemak2 tgh bertukar kpd muscle? Really hope that it's the later reason.
Sbb so far, every weekend, I'm still gigih berjogging, even tak la on both days(Sat and Sun).

It's ok, assuming that my muscle is building up, and perhaps it's the weight platue, I will keep consuming HL.

Last week, try added F1 cappucino with Soymilk.

The taste is not bad. lagipun I memang suka ngan F1 ni..yummy!

to be continue...

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