Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fakhrul Radzi part 1

Since launched this blog, I never really describes in details about my 2 childs.

My eldest child is Fakhrul Radzi aka AKO. He got his short name since he was little baby. Coz it quite hard to pronounce Fakhrul in full, so we just simplify it to A.K.O. Cute kan that name.
He was born on 2/2/2005 (22 Zulhijjah) around 1pm at Putrajaya.
Now he is around 3 years and 4 months.
His favorite character is Thomas and friends.
Instead he also likes Barney, Spongebob Square Pants(he pronounce it as 'bobob pepen'), Pingu and Tellitubbies.
He got like more than 20 CD's of all his favorites cartoons, since he very likes watching CD's and movies. Recently he is very addicted to Ratatouille. He had been watching it like....hmm...10 times straight. Actually I also like the movie so much. Mcm dah hafal all the scripts...Very outstanding movie!

What else about Ako..
1-he is not wearing pampers anymore (except bedtime at night) since half year ago
2-he eat nasi only, or ayam only or nasi n ayam. no sayur, no TELUR(his most unlike dish) at all
3-he likes RED color. anything in red will do! (shirt, shoe, car(coz his dad's car is red), strawberry etc)
4-he likes seedless grapes, apples and any sour fruits
and, many more..but won't able to list all down. will take more than 1 whole blog to finish.. :o


mimi said...

Kak yani!...found your blog via arni's blog..hehehe...cume nak cakap birthday Ako sama ngan birthday kitala....dah besar dah Ako..hensem lak tuh!

YANI said...

Mimi..sama birthday ek..memang ditakdirkan org yg lahir tarikh tu hensem2 lawo2 kot..heheh