Friday, May 30, 2008

Why we need Life insurance

Why we need Life insurance ?
Let's conclude it in a simple and understandable way :

1-to secure your family
situation 1
if something happen to you and your spouse(ex while driving to office), who will take care of your child? Your child are dependent on us to buy them food and clothing. They need money from us to survive, need us to pay for their university education.
Is it your going to be 60 years old mom? Or your sister who have 6 childs and with less than 1K of income per month?

situation 2
If something happen to your spouse(esp your hubby)?who will take care of your family?
Who will bare the car loans, mortgage, bills, babysitter, school fee, etc?your father who nearly 75 this year? your brother who will be marry on this Oct?

2-to cover your medical expenses
situation 1
If you got cancer(nauzubillah) and been admitted to any private hospital.
Your company might cover you up to RM50K, but the total bill is RM90K.
Where will you dig the rest of RM40K?From your saving? I believe you will thinking from which bank? From Swiss bank? haha

What if it's your child situation, and he/she are not covered by your company.
I think most of the company covering the outpatient cost, but not the hospitalization cost.
I know some maybe said, just admit them to any government hospital..yeah, it work...but, you are an Engineer, your wife is an finance executive and you drive a Toyota Vios, and everyone know you are a wealth person...are you willing to admit your child to Kajang Hospital? Plus, the hospital is crowded, the nurse faces like lions, it smells like hell....still thinking to go to that hospital?
And, from where you will dig that 3K for only 1 day admission? ASB? Al rajhi?

3-to force saving money
situation 1
You live in Bandar Kinrara. You drive a well known Waja car. You have 2 childs. You have to pay and being forced to pay for :
3-car loan
5-credit card (1, 2 ?)
6-babysitter/nursery or maybe the swimming/piano class
7-TNB/indah water/syabas/telekom bills
8-maxis/digi/celcom bills
9-susu. diapers
10 bla bla bla bla
20-SAVING? is there any left?
(if I really wanted to list this, maybe need an A3 size of paper. )

So, is there any left for the no 20(saving) item?

4-Funeral costs (for muslims maybe not too much...but still need ha..)
Today’s funeral costs are exorbitant! If you die and do not have an insurance policy someone else will have to be responsible for paying the very high cost of your funeral. On the other hand, if you have a life insurance policy, you can arrange the funeral party of your choice.

5-To save your relationship
Either with your spouse or any of your friends/relatives.
I think maybe many of us realize that money is almost everything to us.
Not the most important, but our relationship or many other things can be affected with this issue.
Imagine if you have a daughter that sick and need to have continuos treatment, and you don't have any policy's covered, where should you get the money?And, you have left nothing in your bank account...
You may need to borrow from relatives and friends...or donation? Argh...the last thing should be in mind.
With all this burden, do you think you can just sit down on your couch, sleep on your bed, watching movies...I don't think so. You will suffer like hell is it? You will start fighting with your spouse, you will not talking to others that much, you will not contact your relatives/friends that you borrowed money from until you can repay, how could you maintain your relationship?

Don't assume I am an insurance agent ye..hehe...I'm not.
But, just want to share something that I really think a NEED to anyone in our current lifestyle.
P/S-but, I still can have someone to contact anyone who interested to have life insurance policy..hehehe


Mummy H&H said...

wahwah kak yani, very the informative!!! padan laa lamer turun aritue... nie sure Mr Sia dah brainwash macam2 nie... ekekeke... makin kaya laa mamat millionaire tue...

YANI said...

Hhohooho...kena brainwash tu...takdela, aku memang suka promote apa yg aku buat....mcm ko tak tahu je perangai aku. heheheh