Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Profession ku

On last Monday I got a new thing to think, to confuse, to diagnose, to deeply give a think, to think, to investigate, to list down.....PENING!@!!!??@@@

I got a new offer from company that I dreamt of. I'm looking forward to join them since last year, since I went to the first interview with the cute little manager.
The manager had told me all benefits and good things that I think every employee dream of if I work with them..but, in 1 BIG condition.
--to DECREASE my salary--

I know it sound really materialistic and how money $$$$ oriented I am...but, I think nothing is more important than that..yes, except family...that was excluded at the first place.

I cut off my only chances by increasing my expected salary when that fellow urge to know my true comfort salary. I did told him the real figure, but I WAS REJECTED.
That is one of my really frustrated things I had faced last year.

And, you know I'm facing that again.
Since last few weeks I had again interviewed and tested by some hiring staff there..and finally I got the job. Acknowledged by my very patient agent Mr S on last Monday.

My honored to got the job at last..after 1 year of really long waited.
But, the problem comes again.
S . A. L. A. R. Y
Which one should I prefer most? benefits or monthly salary?
They agree to offer me an amount that faaarrr away (an about 15% lesser than my curent salary)..or is it not too far? For me it's a lot of money coz I can buy atleast 1 Coach hobo with that amount. Meaning that I have to loose 1 handbag a month if I'm joining them.
What a mess....huh! (or, I'm too emotional..)

Actually hubby not too worry about the salary(maybe he's not thinking the way I think..the handbag thinggy..heheh), his most concern is the working shift difference.
If I were scheduled on the evening shift, by right we have to prepare another car (or maybe motorcycles..hubby just thought maybe he could buy a scrambler(betul ke eja ni)..or maybe some big motor) will be some extra cost, while my salary will be decrease....

So, now I'm really really suspen to wait for the Mr S call.
He is negotiating the salary for me, and also confirming the working shift hour.

Here are the benefits of the company :
Note : ( ) is my current company benefit...
1-Permanent staff (I'm a contractor now)
2-Medical benefit for my whole family + hospitalization (current only cover myself)
3-Bonus for atleast 2 mth of salary on every February (no bonus)
4-EPF-employer contribution will increase up to 16% after 5 year of service, actually after 3 years is 14% (sampai mati 12%...)
5-Housing loan (ada la promotion PC's stuff sekali sekala)
6-Stock to staff (no- maybe provided for permanent..not sure)
7-RAYA HOLIDAY will be prioritized to muslims (need to rotate, and I never got off for raya except last year coz I'm on maternity leave)
I think the Raya holiday is also the most favorites ever for joining this company. Normally no IT(which support Japanese users) will give leaves to agents. Yes, we can take leaves but by rotate.
And, need to nego with team mate, need to jang keng..need to tahan from tercakap 'eh, kasikla aku cuti...kampung aku jauh, anak aku kecik..bla bla'. That's the most difficult part.
I am not the person who are willing to just pentingkan diri sendiri...coz I understand all who had kids nak, that's why it's really hard when it comes to discuss about raya holiday.
But, I am so desperate to get off on raya thinking of my 2 cute little child who will beraya only with his dad and maybe atok, opah, nenek or other relatives except MOM!! Huwaaaaaaaa....tak sanggup dah!!!!

Plus, the location is very very near to my house, an about 15 mins. No toll.
And, the career progression is quite interesting..from what I heard.
They can move around either within their internal department or to the bank HQ(did I mentioned this is a bank?..), in maybe after 2,3 years of joining them.

While at my current compant, unfortunately I had been doing the same boring thing, the same role, the same job scope for almost 2 years. And, I think it's hard for me to move or go higher because of my 'Japanese language' things.
I think they seems very hard to find the Jap speaker in they are not letting any of us leaves this team untill

So, I'm still waiting for the mystery call untill now......
will update once I got anything new...


yan kiut said...

uu besarnya nayami..takkan tetiap bulan beli handbag kot??!!, well just list down advantage and disadvantage, then make decision..memang susah nak keluar drp comfort zone..kena pk berkali2..lastly sembahyang istikharah..
good luck!!
p/s: if you worrying about the is not everything, rezeki Tuhan yang kasi..

YANI said...

yan, arigatou..soudane, aku ni maybe terlebih materialistik..insyaallah rezeki tu ada kan...aku dah list down..and memang this new offer is much more better than aku punya current job. aku memang kena keluar dr comfort zone aku, aku kena challenge myself....ganbaru yo ..