Monday, February 28, 2011

Hand cream addict

I am addicted to hand cream. One of the must-buy-item when I don't have any particular things to buy when window-shopping(read: window) outing is a hand cream or hand lotion.Yes, my hands are dry type and when nothing apply to it, I think my hand's surface can replace a daily scrub to my face :P

I have hand lotions stock everywhere-I mean anywhere I often go. I have 1 on my table in my office,  1 on my side table in my room, 1 in my wardrobe, and another 1 in my handbag. I think that's all. Or, do I have more?heheh.  I can't remember well since I only use the backup lotion once in a while and Alani is the primary owner to it now.

So far, my favorite is the shea butter by body shop.
on my office's desk

in my wardrobe

in my bag

on my side table in my room-Alani's favorite :P

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Keiochan dead :(

Initially I have 2 hamsters which I bought around a year ago. Both are jantan. But they have been separated since few months back becoz they were fighting and almost killing each other. The bully-fat one named Kumi-chan and the innocent-slim one named Kuku-chan.

Once upon a time, we(me and kids) were thinking to add another hamster to the family, as an entertainer to them? heheh..So, we endup bought a betina hamster and Ako named it Keiochan. We tried to put it in Kukuchan's cage, but they fight and Kukuchan was so fierced or maybe it's frighthen. I can't really understand why...maybe Keiochan is too small? A baby? or, he has not been with anybody for quite sometime? that make sense? Seeing them fighting, we moved Keiochan to Kumichan's cage, but again, they were fighting and Keoichan was injured and bleeding. She stayed in the cage quitely and the next day we saw it, she already lying down dead...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February only 28?

Only 28 days consist in February, I am glad. Why? Nothing special :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Informative article : Respect Your Husband – Even If He Doesn’t Deserve It

Note :  this article was copied from Marriage Missions International

This article is pasted here just to share an informative materials with others and of course for me as a reminder :P. I think this is a very useful as nowadays there are so many resistance and hurdle in marriage life, not saying there were none in older days but because of so many man-equal-woman things is highlighted and not-only-men is working in a house, so sometimes this kind of reminder would be a drawback sort of warning to a woman called a wife :)

Topic(s): For Married Women

My husband, Ron, admits that he used to be jerk, but I discovered a secret formula that turned him into a loving husband: I started treating him like a VIP! Ron always wanted me to respect him, but I thought he had to earn it and I had to feel it, before I could do it. Wrong.

We women are very good at pointing out our husbands’ faults and failures and punishing them for not meeting our needs, but that only leads to discontent and distance in our marriages. We all know that yelling, nagging, and belittling are disrespectful and ineffective. So I’m suggesting a radical concept: Treat him like a king, and eventually, he will begin to treat you like a queen.

Instead of waiting for him earn your respect, behave respectfully and watch him grow into the man God designed him to be.

Twenty five years ago, our marriage was on the brink of divorce. I was controlling, critical and disrespectful so Ron was defensive and angry. We were both Christians but neither of us was living a spirit-filled life. I was letting my emotions determine my actions and thought it was Ron’s job to make me happy. But through a series of miracles (read my book for the whole story) we made a decision to rebuild our marriage.

We went to a Christian counselor who said “Nancy, the only way you will win Ron back and stay married is if you begin to respect your husband.” I knew he was right so I swallowed hard and came up with a plan.

Here are three of the ways I began to respect Ron: They are easy to remember because they spell out the goal—to treat him like a V.I.P.

Respect him Verbally, Intellectually, and Physically.

Verbally: Cut out (ok… cut back) complaining and add in compliments.

If you want to have a peaceful, happy marriage, learn the art of the compliment. Compliments are like magnets and the more you compliment your husband the more he will be attracted to you. Begin to notice when he does it right and verbally encourage him by complimenting him at least once a day.

If you are having a hard time thinking of anything to admire, consider these categories: physical traits, mental skills, financial strengths, spiritual growth, or healthy relationships with others (children, parents, or friends).

You may be asking “Hey, why should I compliment him when he NEVER compliments me?” It’s because, if you want your marriage to grow and bloom, you’ll have to water it with kindness and encouragement. Then, as he sees your sincere efforts, he will begin to change too. Don’t give up.

If you do need to bring up a difficult issue, place it between two compliments, also known as a “Compliment Sandwich.” Here’s an example, “Honey, I know how hard you work for our money and that Sally’s braces will be expensive, but I need your decision before her appointment tomorrow. I hope we can do this for her, but if you want to wait, I trust your judgment. What should I tell the orthodontist?”


Men like to solve problems and fix things. So appeal to his intelligence by asking him to help you solve a problem. Instead of saying “This garage is a mess, clean up your camping stuff!” Try, “I’d like your help with something. Could you figure out a storage system for all the camping supplies?”

Don’t imply that he isn’t smart. Instead of saying “I think you are wrong about…” Say, “I’m confused about… please explain it again” (Remember to keep your tone of voice sarcasm-free.)

Request his help on Spiritual matters too. Ask him to explain a passage of Scripture or ask him to pray for you when you are going through a difficult time. If your husband is not the spiritual leader in your home, continue to pray for him and ask him if there is anything you are doing that is hindering his relationship with God.

Men don’t give a lot of weight to feelings—show them facts and they’ll be more likely to listen. For example: if he wants to buy a car that you think is too expensive, don’t launch into a hissy-fit, write out your monthly expenses and ask him what other things should be cut out in order to buy his car. Let the facts speak for you.

When you cannot reach an agreement, instead of trying to wear him down by nagging or crying say, “Is that your final decision or can I still try to convince you?” If it’s his final decision, then honor it. It’s freeing—let him carry the responsibility of your family.


Physically ask what he would like you to do and then, do it. Find out what his top three needs are. Ron likes the laundry done, sex a least twice a week (guaranteed!) and he likes me to keep my “girly-make-up stuff” off of the bathroom counter. If these top needs are met, he’s content and easy to get along with. I know it sounds simple, but each of us have different things that make us feel loved and appreciated. You won’t know what he wants unless you ask him.

Be aware of your body language. You can communicate disrespect by rolling your eyes, crossing your arms, or slamming doors. Reflect your new decision to respect your husband in your heart, mind, and body.

Change your attitude and actions

Respect is both a verb and a noun: an action and an attitude so begin today to respect your husband in thought, word, and deed. He will be more willing and able to give you the love and affection you need if he is respected and admired. When I began to respect my husband, he was skeptical at first. However as he saw that I was committed to change, he began to treat me differently—lovingly. We now teach at couples’ events, helping others discover the blessings of true love in action.

Ask the Lord to strengthen you as you obey His word.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


When it comes to outside breakfast, first thing in my mind is Mamak.
I know it's a totally bad eating habit but sometimes when thinking of choices we have, it is almost ----everywhere mamak----
And, for another unfortunate thing is, a newly(not quite new) open mamak restaurant just a walking distance from my house. Some kind of mix-feeling. Whether we should be thankful or the other way around. Yes, it depends on situation. For some evening-early night-express-empty stomach, yes, this is a good thing. Just sarung something proper, vroom-here we are.
But, sometimes when I don't have mood to defrost ikan, daging etc (maybe I need a new fridge with d defrost function LOL) and so tired to even slice a garlic, so here we are again--the mamak :(

Seriously to be honest, I would prefer something simple and healthy for my breakfast.
Like, be it an omelet, or toast bread with butter and kaya, or just a banana with milk. Walla! It's a perfect for me. So, for my memory sake and maybe for others to enjoy, here is a menu for my gorgeous-healthy omelete. Actually I learnt this while I was on my 6th anniversary vacation in Santika Hotel in Bali. heheh.

Ingredients : 2 eggs, some sausage, onions,tomatoes, celery, any kind of mushrooms, cheese and some salt, butter for saute and ground black pepper.
Small chopped all the veggies, onions and sausages.


sliced cheese

ground black pepper

How to cook :
To cook the veggies :
1-Melt some butter in fry pan, and add onion-saute for a while.
2-Add all the veggies into fry pan
3-Add salt and ground black pepper.
4-Once cooked, remove from pan and set aside.

To cook the eggs :
1-Stir eggs and add some salt.
2-Add some butter into the fry-pan again and add the eggs untill half cook.
3-Pour cheese randomly all over the eggs and add-on some ground blackpepper.
4-Add all the veggies into a side of the eggs, and wrap(cover) the other onto it.

To add more flavor, eat it with tomato sauce...and it's so yummy :)

p/s : you can play around with any veggies you like. for me, I just add any veggies I found in my fridge :P

my gorgeous-healthy omelete :) -pix googled

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am happy

I am a blessed and most happiest mom in the world today. Alani went to the nursery without crying and waving to me happily(altho ada mcm nak nangis sikit2).
It made my day~~~

It has been a week plus since I started to sent her and Ako to this nursery, and she've been crying like some stranger bully her :( And, to prevent that to happen infront of me, I asked her dad to send her instead.
Luckily it was fine and successful(pandai kan ibu? :P).
But today she is willing to be send by me....
I love you darling~~~

from this face

to this sort of happy-feeling face

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello, remember us?

for anybody that maybe forgotten how do I look, and how grown up are my kids, here are some pixs from my lappy. even not that latest, but good enough to share~

p/s:my hubby is a shy guy, so not revealing his face at this moment(untill I tell him I'd started blogging again :P)

Tuesday is a good day

today is another day that I'm living happily with my family and friends. I am blessed.

Another big memorable thing is today is my best friend's birthday.
She is turning xx today, but I can say nobody repeat nobody will ever guess her age is xx by now.
I could say maybe because she is :
5-she owned a nice platnumber 2202 (not related?? :P)
6-she is a friend of a young-lady as well >-<

So, happy birthday to my dear lovely friend Shida ..hope you will have the greatest day ever in your life. May we still remain friends untill our life's end. I love you :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Abandoned blog with a lazy-not-so-busy blogger

Howdy?? Howdy?? What am I doing all these while?

1-Working for 365 days

2-Being a mom of STILL 2 big boy AKO and anak daraku ALANI

3-Being a busy as a queen bee wife for mr-sudah-berjambang-hubby(hope he will not found this blog soon-or good enuf untill i can keep quiet from telling him i'd updated back my blog-which is not-so-yani-thing :P)

4-Being an around-er 6-hours housewife to handle house-chore withOUT a helper---which had runawayyyyy far far away--if i have time, i'll blog about this :) (n, this will also happen if I'm able to continue blogging :P)

5-Being a daughter, younger and older sister, good-helpful relative, neighbour(altho i had only 2 neighbour) to all my close one's

6-Being a good and again helpful friend to all my friends out there (mood perasan) are the list goes

p/s : wishing am having this same feeling when turning to d office tomorrow morning--or else, nobody will see me writing again

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OMG-My son turned 6

Note : This is an old entry but am putting it becoz it's something that I wanna stick into my diary.

My son had turn 6 this year. What an amazing and great achievement for me as his mom aka CFO. Opps, not forgetting his dad, as the major :P

We had our small party with Thomas and friends theme which is his favorite character ever since he was born.
But recently he had addicted to Ultraman as well. Why is on earth that every single boy child in the world(atleast as far as I know) has interest in the-fake-swimmingsuite-not-logic ultraman? We can always predict that he must be defeated by the monster, and the button blink, and suddenly he won----boo--riinnggg.
I know, child's prespective is totally different from what we seen. I know~~
Okay, enough with the theme.
Birthday boy

Here come the parteeyyyy.
Date held : 29-1-2011 -why it's not on 2/2 itself? becoz it's Thursday-yes, it's CNY holiday, but becoz it's a long holiday, we afraid people will go out of d town.
Day : Saturday
Time : 11am to 2pm. but end up at 11, we're still waiting for the SR to open his kedai and handover the cake :(
Decorations :
Birthday card invitation, banner, cupcake toppers, party pack were designed and prepared by tripletplusone team.
the cute birthday invitation card

Balloon deco, Mr Clown together with balloon sculpture, face painting and sand art activities by Noorihan Balloon.

Pictures : to be uploaded soon I'll get home and randomly pick from the-1000s-of-pix-folder.
d bz hosts

member2 tuan rumah

 and more pix to be uploaded once found it :P