Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday is a good day

today is another day that I'm living happily with my family and friends. I am blessed.

Another big memorable thing is today is my best friend's birthday.
She is turning xx today, but I can say nobody repeat nobody will ever guess her age is xx by now.
I could say maybe because she is :
5-she owned a nice platnumber 2202 (not related?? :P)
6-she is a friend of a young-lady as well >-<

So, happy birthday to my dear lovely friend Shida ..hope you will have the greatest day ever in your life. May we still remain friends untill our life's end. I love you :)


Nurhayati said...

happy birthday to your friend!!
moga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki :-)

YANI said...

hey yati, thanks. lama tak catch up kisah kawan2 blogger :)

Shida Hamid said...

Oh my god, "she" already 33!Can't believe it..

YANI said...

wakakkak...okla, aku hide kan umur tu...

Shida Hamid said...

ala Yani, it just a number...yg penting "she" still looks younger than her age!akakakkakak