Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend in JB

Note : this is an old entry, but due to it's owner memory sake, it's blogged here.

All this while when we back to hometown in JB, we'll stayed in JB first where his mom stay,
and then follow by his grandma's house. His grandma's staying 11/2hrs north apart from JB, so we'll just say hi and bye.
But this time since we're early, we went to his grandma's house first. It's been a while since we visited her. Isk, jahat kan...And, what weirdly happen is, her grandma...oppss sorry, which is my grandma too...heheh...want to follow us to JB to visit her own daughter. Aish, when it comes to mom-child bond, the mom's bond will never defeated. Altho we feel 'oo..I had called her last week, so I'll call back a week later then' and we'll never feel that sorry for doing that. But, for our mom(hehe..I am a very 'new' mom) it's been an ages that we're not contacting her...

Okeh, back to the grandma story, yes...she did follow us to JB and stayed in my mom-in-law house. The rest, enjoy d pics..
it's pool time~~ in thistle JB (a very recommended hotel)

At their onyang's house-with d fake tiger to frighten the bad monkeysss

infront of their onyang house-'we are d superheros'

my onyang