Thursday, April 4, 2013


fuh fuh fuh (tiup habuk)

walla! it's already 2013, and yet it's April.
wohooo--another not more than a month to my birthday.

So, I'm up again writing in this blog after 1 year, or 2? Can't remember. But, since I'd born with the spirit of tegakkan sunnah untuk berniaga, so I am now introducing my new line of woman's apparel(so far) with the brand of 'Talhani'. Cute kan nama tu?
Thought that name is a unique name, registered it as a blogspot, and search it in google, and I found there's a medical supply industry with the exact same name with the exact same SPELLING >_<
What a unique name!

Btw, who ever happen to read this blog, or used to(and suddenly the notification came out with new post to this long death blog :P), please have a look onto my new blog ;