Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why FB?

Suddenly out of nowhere I was thinking why we need facebook(FB)? To connect people? To fill in our free time? To get new friends? Or, as a cupid for a single, or maybe men who are still have 3-available seats?-this is not-so-famous-but-liked-by-men-joke-(really not my favorite one though)

For me, it's more to connect me and my old friends-either by getting re-united or to get to know better. But, to be frank, not many occasion successfully established, although the chats are going like pasar-malam :P

I am now at my home sitting next to my bed while watching my kids sleeping while sometimes mumbling :)-how cute. I was almost at my-half-mood-sleep when mr hubby texted that he couldn't take leave for our school holiday trip to just a nearby place. Then, I was awake and fresh again(atleast to make a new post) and searched for the next day rate and luckily it was around 40myr cheaper than the original rate. It was really our luck because since few days back I was stalking the agoda/booking website, no rates lower than that. So done with amendment of date etc etc and was checking my fb.
Nothing really special except for some of my friends were doing some fake (read: to frame someone) wall post among us. Of course I was on the comments list and I guess it will continue untill we get to framed 'her'. The funny thing is, we don't even know who is this girl :P.

Back to the topic.
FB really changes people I guess. From someone who are not really friendly in real-life to a VERY-friendly-charming-always available-photogenic-person, or from innocent to a very-evil-look, or enough with a profile picture of someone fierce, or cute or pictures of their cat or whatever pictures which is not the owner.
Opps, off topic. But, I really can't accept people who don't put their own pictures and ask people around do we know him/her? What the h*** that do you think people could or should remember you with your 2-years old kids pictures on your profile?

Actually I had a simple question in my mind.
Should we stay connected with our husband? wife? or even close family?in FB?
So that everything will be inter-related while tagging each other?
Or is it better to have separate life in the web-life? And stay apart?

And, what if this kinda scenario happen?
1- IF I commented(some not-so-friendly-joke) on my junior highschool ex-classmate,(of-course men and used to be my-ex-bf but now no-feeling at all) and I don't get a chance to explain who is this guy to mr.hubby, so he will have a high possibility to conclude-'is she cheating on me?' And, vice versa.
2- IF I put some pictures of me and my friends(of course girl) hanging out somewhere without his permission(just some sudden action while doing lunch) and ter-bought something that he shouldn't know like another bag :P, and he'll definitely see it and conclude : 'you went out and bought another bag??'

These are only few simple examples that I can think of now. But there're thousands of other reasons I guess will led to misunderstanding and confusion and at last a fight between you and your partner at home in your real life. Doesn't it hurt? Your feeling, your heart and your marriage? While it can led to fitnah and tuduh menuduh between you? While actually you don't have any intentions to hurt your love?

So for me, to respect our partner and the biggest thing is the trust that can't be simply build within a year or two, I rather not to connect with my partner and stay connected with all my friends and still enjoying fb as it be~~What say you?
Good night :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting poorer ??

Don't you think we Malaysian are getting poorer? Or, in another words, everything are getting more expensive while our salary is remain flatttt. Don't you think the same?

Last Sunday I went to a mall to buy something for my nephew. He is just 2 months old and I think the most suitable thing is something for him to wear.

So, the mission begin. After hoping from shop to shop to another shop with empty handed and can't find any 'SALE' banner anywhere, I just bought a pair of sort of pajama. fuh~~~ everyhting was expensive. I bought it after 30% discount but still expensive for a baby clothes which I think around 40.

While waiting for my kids to play at the small-slide-call-playground, I went for another tour to few shops, but I think I can't rarely found anything below 50. Remind you that I am looking for 0-6 months old baby stuff ya~ not toddler or kids stuff yet.
That's why I think most of us opted for online boutiques which have more choices and brands with affordable price. Maybe some are not really an authentic items, but who cares? heheh
And, some*ehem*ehem* opted to shop just nearby their office while doing lunch. Maybe only few options, but sometimes few is better than too many choices heading to confusion :P
Since we're in Ikea and Ikea equal to curry puff, I bought a lot as our lunch. *hungry mode*

The conclusion for today is, the most satisfying and affordable part of the day is the food :)