Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OMG-My son turned 6

Note : This is an old entry but am putting it becoz it's something that I wanna stick into my diary.

My son had turn 6 this year. What an amazing and great achievement for me as his mom aka CFO. Opps, not forgetting his dad, as the major :P

We had our small party with Thomas and friends theme which is his favorite character ever since he was born.
But recently he had addicted to Ultraman as well. Why is on earth that every single boy child in the world(atleast as far as I know) has interest in the-fake-swimmingsuite-not-logic ultraman? We can always predict that he must be defeated by the monster, and the button blink, and suddenly he won----boo--riinnggg.
I know, child's prespective is totally different from what we seen. I know~~
Okay, enough with the theme.
Birthday boy

Here come the parteeyyyy.
Date held : 29-1-2011 -why it's not on 2/2 itself? becoz it's Thursday-yes, it's CNY holiday, but becoz it's a long holiday, we afraid people will go out of d town.
Day : Saturday
Time : 11am to 2pm. but end up at 11, we're still waiting for the SR to open his kedai and handover the cake :(
Decorations :
Birthday card invitation, banner, cupcake toppers, party pack were designed and prepared by tripletplusone team.
the cute birthday invitation card

Balloon deco, Mr Clown together with balloon sculpture, face painting and sand art activities by Noorihan Balloon.

Pictures : to be uploaded soon I'll get home and randomly pick from the-1000s-of-pix-folder.
d bz hosts

member2 tuan rumah

 and more pix to be uploaded once found it :P

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Shida Hamid said...

hayai ne jikan no nagare....tak sedar dah nak jadi anak teruna.....