Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shed weight!!

Woke up from sleep, terus timbang.
Berjaya shed another 0.5kg. Okla jugak..sbb mcm dah terasa badan ringan sikit..hehe
Thank you herbalife.
Lepas ni nak ajak ramai lagi org yg bermasalah nak turunkan berat badan esp, utk sertai rasa seronott ini... wink wink :))


debu-papa said...

dear, so the experiment is going well i guess.

A subject is proving the methodology of losing fat with meal replacement and weight + cardio exercise..

and another subject is proving it using normal diet with weight + cardio and without meal replacement.

good luck!

YANI said...

yup, proving it with meal replacement or depending to herbalife might be the most reason for the weight/inch loss.

at the same time HL teach how to control appetite, discipline stomach, yet help to shed few thousands calories(is it?) in a day.

though, without the GREAT effort of the belonging might not take full effect of the result... yeah?!

wish me luck!!