Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Herbalife (journey to become..)distributor

Setelah melihat outcomenya yg maybe not too drastic to me, but really helping me to control my appetite and at the same time loosing my weight...
I decided utk bergerak sedikit aktif mempromosikan produk herbalife.
Kesan pada diri sendiri pun dah, mcm nak jugak menolong org lain dpt kouka yg maybe lagi hebat dr diriku.
Sbb, as Pikin said this product will take differ effects to anyone.
Maybe utk org yg terlebih air, or mcm terlebih lemak...kesannya akan lebih cepat sbb produk ni akan menshedkan unwelcome lebihan dlm badan, dan dlm masa yg sama akan meningkatkan metabolisme.

Ciplak idea Pikin :
...formula 1 is for food replacement-can detox ur body-and high in protein so boleh bina muscle/body firming-the more muscle the body can build the faster they burn the calorie-konsep kita ni more to loose in inches-but still u can loose weight...

formula 3 pulak is additional protein - to curb hunger and helps to build lean musclehow this prod works?First they build your muscle and at the same time extract fat and loose weight...

...tea tu untuk boost metabolism and boost energy...

Dan, hari ni dah berjaya mempromote kawan2 seramai 2 org..utk try this product!
hahaha...kira dah ok la kan..

So, guys out there, whoever want to try this product at LOWER price..please response.
Actually I'm not a distributor, but I manage to get this price with my current disctributor.
So, I'm willing to share this info with others outside there.

Let's compare:
Normal price :
Formula 1(F1) -RM148
Formula 3(F3) -RM102
Tea mix - RM113(50g) /RM199(100g)

My price :
Formula 1(F1) -RM113
Formula 3(F3) -RM78
Tea mix - RM86(50g) /RM152(100g)

To have better idea, you can refer to

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