Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Healthy? Kurus?

ehem ehem. testing 1 2 3..

it's been a while since I wrote the last entry. owh, it's nearly a month. and it's more or less nearly 1 month I didn't wear the sport shoes and left my gym bag abandoned :P
I don't know why it's very hard to blog, or to constantly writing in a blog. which means to login to bloggers(sometimes I even forgot which email address to use), to click on 'new entry', to post, and to view blog. fuh...
I do love reading others blog which inspired me to write, but when it comes to mine, argh...malasla.

So, there's so many things to blog, but lemme start with my health status first. yeah, of course I'm fine internal and externally, but I need to lose weight. That is actually why this blog was established for at the first place. To make notes on each and every steps of it.

I had started with the few-times of gym entrance. But, it just last for few times. Yes, I'll go again, but I need motivation. Like..a new gold-ring, or few dinar or perhaps new set of lingerie...:P

And, I think I need a herbalife again.
I need to shred fat on my lengan and peha especially. It's been on the yellow-red line recently. It's kind-of feel sad when you can't sarung your blouse when it comes to the lengan part. I know it's the shirt that shrink sometimes(sedap hati sendiri :P), but I know it's my alarm.

Ok, so that's it for today. I'll blog again when I managed to step into the gym again or started the herbalife. Which ever come first :)

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