Friday, April 25, 2008

2nd day of HL

Today is the 2nd day of my herbalife routine. Pagi tadi berjaya minum HL only for breakfast. Tak sentuh benda lain..but, dlm kol 9 dah start mkn epal ngan pear. Nak kena tahan sampai kol 11., takdela terasa sgt.
But, I think it's not so stressful tahan lapar altho tak mkn sgt..Memang this shake to prevent from craving...
Mmm...hopefuly my diet plan will works, and my motivation will up up and never fall..

Ops, hari ni time lunch ada meeting ngan Khairul, agent Public Mutual. Nak masuk unit trust. Kalau biar je duit dlm kwsp, mcm tak berapa membiak sgt...

Note : Khairul is Malis's hubby. Malis is my bestest friend ever... Initially she is the one who encourage and also arranged this meeting. Not saying I'm not into investment, it just don't have the chances to. So, thanks Malis...

After met Khairul(while having our Ali Maju's lunch again..huh...ruining my diet :( , we(me, Arni, Kak Lina) decided to invest in Public Islamic Dividen Fund(PIDF).

Details :

And, just check in the price from the website, currently is RM0.33.

Actually this is my first time to invest, so not very familiar with the term etc.

Overall, rasa mcm nak invest lagi lepas ni with my own money.

Coz, as Khairul said with cash money, there are more choices of product you can try..he, himself had invested in Public Ittikal Fund and last few year got almost 40% dividen! that fascinate?

Let's calculate..

if u invest lets say RM10000, so after 40% dividen u got an extra of nanto---RM4000, so your money will raised up to RM14000 in a year....

Whoo..that's a loooot of money u know...coz not even doing anything, just having normal routine, u got extra of RM4000 in a blink!

blink blink blink....:))
(while wishing my money to grow..altho invest sikit je...byk jugakla kot utk first timer..hehe)

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