Thursday, April 24, 2008

1st day of Herbalife

Dis new blog officially launched sempena my plan to kurus -----target nak sampai my ideal weight, and of course sbb nak note down all my progress in weight loss program while my daily activites.

OK, here are my details as for 23/4/2008:
Weight : 55.5kg
BMI : 24
Fat% (as of end of Mar) : 30%

And, here are my latest pix with my child.

My little daughter br je almost 7mths, that's mean I br je delievered my baby 7mths ago.
My weight before preggy was around 52kg. And, my target is to achieve atleast 49kg in this mmm....maybe in 3mths time.

Currently my plans such as :

1-Diet (jaga mkn)

-not taking too much nasi and carbs

-not taking oily and lemak2 food

-take a lot of vege and fruits

-drink a looot of water


Skrg ni exercise la jugak, cuma mcm takle sekerap mana. but, atleast seminggu sekali gi jogging ngan hubby and anak2.
Ni gambar2 aktiviti hujung minggu kami. Dr asyik shopping je, baik gi riadah..sihat, boleh release tension, dpt main2 ngan anak2 dan jimat. heheh

3-Herbalife (my best topic..I will create another more topics on this)
Just bought from Pikin
(Wanita Melayu.Com : )
semlm. but just try the F1 dulu. pagi td dah start minum F1 replaced the breakfast as per advised by Pikin.
Kena replace 2 meal, so b/fast ngan dinner.

Setakat ni, OK la...rasa sedap(chocolate) sbb campur ngan susu dutch lady low fat.
tak lapar sgtla...w/pun just minum tu(ngan curik sosej hubby sikit), pastu mkn half biji epal kol 9.Sepatutnya mkn epal dlm kol 10, tp sbb I lunch kol 11, so kena la ambik awal sikit.
Ni tak sabar nak tunggu mlm, sbb nak tgk tahan tak minum shake je..tanpa mkn apa2 utk dinner.

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