Monday, February 25, 2008

30-an crisis??

Many of my good frens says 'ni mesti sbb 30-an crisis'..

Is that true? Lately mcm terlebih concern pasal kesihatan, kecantikan, penampilan dan semua yg berkaitan dengan diri sendiri.

Asyik mcm concern kenapa ada jerawat tumbuh, kenapa ada jeragat, kenapa ada garis2 penuaan, kenapa mcm ada lebih2 fat kat certain body parts yg selama ni not aware, not concern not even noticed...

Maybe it's's 30's crisis.

So, as the solution, I had tried and will try some few things.

Some totally new, and some mcm biasa tp kena regularly buat la lepas ni.

1-Monthly(atleast) facial treatment
Selama ni mcm try mcm2 produk, tp tak brp best..or, actually not really care about the result, but this time as I surveyyed all along the FACIAL website, I mcm rasa nak try Dermalogica.

N, i decided nakgi kat spa yg mcm best sikit.

N, I gi Tinispa yg br bukak kat Ampang.
Memang puas hati buat facial kat situ. Only RM68 for almost 1.5 hrs. OK kan?
Plan nakgi lagi, cuma sbb nak kena naik LRT, mcm malas je. tgkla....

N, on 29/4...tiap2 hari mnghitung hari sbb mcm dah tak sabar nak jumpa member2..dah lama bangat tidak berjumpa...Shidot, Ida n Fiza.
I plan nakgi Serenity Spa(Seksyen 13 Shah Alam) ngan few members.
We plan nak ambik pakej ni :

+ Thai Herbal Steam + Full Body Aromatherapy Massage + Full Body Scrub (Coffee or Himalayan Salt) + Milk Bath
Our most sought after treatment. Start with a 20-minute session of our famous THAIHERBAL STEAM used traditionally to heal aches and pain as well as to encourage bloodcirculation and detoxification.Then, after a cup of warm water, get yourself pampered with a 40-minute full bodyAROMATHERAPY MASSAGE. After this wonderful experience, enjoy a full body exfoliatingCOFFEE or HIMALAYAN SALT SCRUB to smoothen and refine your skin. Finally, have arelaxing soak with MILK mixed with LAVENDER Oil BATH to complete this 2-hour spapackage in a relaxing and tranquil mood.

Nanti nak ambik few pix of the spa. Hari tu gi Tinispa tu lupa nak bawak kamera....kali ni mesti nak bawak.

2-More Versatile-r, more Ranggi-er
When it comes to this issue, first things in my mind is SHOPPING!! hehehe...tula yg susahnya.
Sbb tula utk make sure blh dpt varieties of blouse, shirts, jeans...first of all ,kena kurus.
N, my next target is nak kena wear jeans on size of mm....27? Sbb skrg my waist 29, so nak kena ganbaru kurus dlm masa this few mths, so atleast by my brother nak kawen(probably on Oct), dah boleh bergaya dgn jayanya! Ou..ganbarou!!

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