Monday, April 4, 2011

Ako is reading

yesterday while watching tv channel 613- i mean watching my kids favorite channel, ako was reciting a book. a simple malay with picture book :)

first, he said he had finished his homework but he has a book to read untill page 23. i just answered with an OK, as I know I would be the one who would be reading it and he will just following what I read.

and, 5 minutes passed.

'.....ka-rung plas-tik yang ber-i-si i-kan....'

aik? who is reading? my mind were half awaked mumbling..

and... here he is reading the book patiently slowly with a low voice.

I was soooo excited, shocked, happy and so blessed.

I didn't expect at all he can read the book by himself alone without any help. And actually when I realized, it was almost 1/3rd of the book.
I know it's maybe normal for other moms to have kids reading a book at 6, but for me, having a kid who can read, is a blessed. alhamdulillah. i am proud with my kid and will always be.

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