Wednesday, October 22, 2008

define future

Ekonomi US dah jatuh. So, akan difollowed by other few ..or maybe a lot of countries which have direct contact or deal with US like Korea, Singapore etc.
I think will also followed by other countries coz US control the whole world economy...
For investor, it's a good chances to grow your property..and for the rich, perhaps to start lookng for any lelong houses and permises.
And, for us...the marhaen people...hmm....maybe it's time to start looking forward to buy saham or maybe insuranse atleast.
FYI, just heared from hubby's insurance agent, your lifetime coverage will be up to RM750K for RM150/monthly premium. It's increased RM500K than before.
How desperate they are to have investors or maybe need cash to roll their business I think...I'm not from Economy background so not very familiar with all those terms..but, still can see that it's quite good time to start planning for your future.

But, be extra careful..don't leave your daily job(as per advised by Robert kiyosaki). Just double up your energy and effort to lighten up your future....if your direction is to be a financial freedom. *wink*

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