Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Farewell 2008, Welcome 2009

Akhirnya 2008 dah hampir menutup tirai. Bila tgk semua org buat konklusi utk kisah hidup pun nak senaraikan my successed thingy that me can proud of to.

1-LOSS WEIGHT!!! ni part yg paling best. Kiranya hampir2 nak dpt berat ideal(lg 2kg exactly to shed off but...mcm dah malas sikit..tu yg relax je..maintain je...).
My dad yg never mentioned anything about my weight or size or anything...biasala kan dad...kan lebih byk diam je...but, recently dia ada tegur..
abah : yani ni makin kecik ye..mkn hati ke?
me : kakakak...isk abah ni..yani memang kontrol mkn sikit..
abah : jgnla kurus sgt..abah suka kalau anak2 abah...berisi sikit...abah tgkpun mcm kenyang je...(hehe...nampak kenyang??)..senang je abah tgk...
me : ala abah...yani ok..cuma mcm kalau kurus sikit..takdela sakit.kan elok..takdela sakit nanti...
abah : hahha

2-be independent(can drive to the office and manage the kids alone)
eversince I go to office with my husband and never foot on the pedal again, I was very scared to drive alone again esp to office in the middle of KL. I was afraid not only to the massive traffic jam, but also to scretch my hubby's car.
But since recently my hubby start working on shift I have to handle my kids which is very awesome for myself also and driving to the office.
*big grin*

3-send Ako to school
I made many plans on Ako educations.
-to send him to nursery start from 4. just to have him to get adopt to social environment, and of course not to push him to learn hard.
-to have him to learn English in a proper way with proper accent either in American or British. but, I think Ako is more to British accent*thanks to Thomas and frens*
me, my self dont learn English in a proper way, and because I use jap language as my 2nd lang rather than English, and it makes me now learning back English start from the beginning. It's not easy you know as our brain also not as fresh as the kids..haha.

And, as on the weekend I managed to registered school and bought all the stuffs for Ako, I feel so relief altho it cost about more than RM1K!! Atleast I was successed to finished the task..

At this moment, I think this is what I can remember. If me have others in my mind, will update later.

WELCOME 2009!!
My target for this new year :

2-Rajin (target nak habiskan tong gas yg dah 3 thn kat rumah tak habis2 tu..hhaha)
3-Buy a new house
4-Shed another 2,3 kgs...
5-Berjimat cermat aka tambahkan saving
6-Nak contribute more to both parents aka jadi anak berguna la...(aiseh, skrg ni mcmla anak kurang berguna ek...haha..nak contirbute MORE and MORE) barula rezeki tu berkat kan...

oo..cerita pasal contribution to parents ni...saje nak share infos..
for me, if I compared when I give money to my parents to not...
RM0 -> You will feel more like dont have anough money to spend. And, of course feel guilty...
RMxxx -> Of course relief and somehow manage to get everything you plan..
Maybe it's KEBERKATAN...(kaf ba ro kaf ta nun...selingan dr drama dunia baru...hehe)

7-Become more gorgeous..huhu

These are all came across in my mind...maybe we can add it more later...after me have the Jojoba SPA session..hehe...will update about it later...(actually now I'm at the KL sentral waiting for my frens to gather and go to Berjaya....can't wait....huhuhu)

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