Friday, January 2, 2009

Fixed sitting location

Finally, I or actually our team was placed at our fixed sitting location. haa...*relief*
This is our 3rd time moved around in like 2000sq feet cubicles(the office is a tiny cute office) within not more than 2 months time.

Argh...tired to carry things which are the 2 CPUs, 1 monitor, 1 phone, keyboards, mouse, calendar bla bla..several times.Even have to clean every place we go, as all of them(same goes to us) just think about the new place, without even bother to clean up the old place.

I will probably upload the pictures of my cubicle maybe next week when everything was completed. Also clear my old debt to Arnie and Yani Yusuf...(tag yg dah berkurun lama).
Now, the place is still more or less like a ah chong call centre-dusty and noisy..
I hope mine's now is going to be a permanent place(as long as I stay here..) since it is quite strategic place.

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