Monday, June 9, 2008

Do you always get a sweet Orange?

Do you always get a sweet orange when buying out from any store?
Me, rarely failed, because I had learned a tips from my mom.
The tips is : look for nombor ganjil pd digit terakhir. normally the number series is 4 digits and from my mom's observation, there are only 3 types of numbers.
4104 <-yg ni normally in medium size, masam!
3103 <-medium size also, but manis..
3107 <-yg ni paling best..besar dan manis! Isipun memang byk..takdela mcm hancur2 je...look at this pixs. selalunya harga utk 6 biji RM10.

And, do you know that orange had many unrevealed nutritions?
Most people know that citrus fruit provides vitamin C, but many are not aware that citrus can help control appetite, reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, lower cholesterol levels and protect the body against diseases and relief stress...all thanks to the fruit's unique nutrient profile.
Read here for more info.

By the way, yesterday br balik dr kampung borong susu Alani coz recently memang susah nak carik susu, plus hargapun dah naik. Nasib baik sempat soh mak, abah beli 8 tin(stock utk 2,3 mths ni). Itupun, masa beli tu dia dah start tukar label harga...from RM48 -> RN48.80. Luckily we blhla jimat, kalau nak compare beli kat tesco hari tu, jimat RM48!!
Tak tahula apa nak jadi from now on....huh..

Balik dr kg, sbb awal lagi...sempat la singgah The Curve.
Bought a pair of jogging shoe for hubby. He's very excited and tak sabar nak jogging hujung minggu ni, plus it's his dreamt off Brooks!

Dan, berjaya pujuk hubby belikan Ako sandle Crocs! Siap tampal ngan Buzz Lightyear(from Toys Story 2) and Remy(the mouse character from Ratatoiulle). Unluckily Thomas characaters dah habis. N, Thomas sandle cuma ada utk toddler with size 2,3 i guess.
Add info kpd sesiapa yg nak beli Crocs, size dia come like this.
1-2, 3-4....8-9, 10-11. Dia memang takde fix size. Sbb Ako size 10, so belila yg 10-11, but mcm besar sikit..takpela..boleh pakai lama...heheh..

Ako kinda very happy with this new pair of shoe!


Mummy H&H said...

eh, smlm saya check kat KL sentral punyer fruit stall tue, yappa laa orange yg nombor ganjil lg mahal than yg genap... which means, sure lg sedap kan? yg no ganjil tue, 5biji rm10, yg genap tue 8 (ker lbh) biji rm10... terel laa mak kak yani nih! ;)

YANI said...

hehe..terer ek..nanti kalau mak aku dah tak tahu apa nak wat, aku soh dia bukak kedai jual buah...sambil provide tips kat customer...hehe