Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shopping As Therapy

Do you believe that shopping is one of the best theraphy? Most of us think it's valid for woman, but not for man?

There are few major articles admit this fact.
In fact, there are research to prove that this theraphy is work for esp woman.

The fact is :
Shopping Lifts Spirits
Whatever the motivator, shopping, in contrast to buying, lifts our spirits. It makes us feel better about ourselves and our place in the universe. It is a form of therapy. It is good to occasionally reward or affirm yourself with a purchase. Shopping is an easy way to assert self-worth, one of the simplest ways, says Judith Mueller, executive director of the internationally known resource, The Women's Center in Vienna, Virginia.

Purchases require the processing of information in order to make a selection.
Women possess certain innate skills. While men are the hunters, women are the gatherers, says Mary Symmes, a licensed social worker who specializes in women's issues. "Discrimination is built in, the ability to scan, analyze and make choices. Women tend to spend money to improve their environment, to add some quality to their life. It is part of self-care, direct self-care."

Shopping as Communal Activity
Shopping is also an activity that allows women to connect with one another. Underhill's studies show that when two women shop together, they invest more of their time in the actual process of shopping. It becomes a communal affair.
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Is that all fact above true? Very true right?
I think there are few other more activity that shall consider as a theraphy.

Perhaps, depends on one's interest.

1-Spend for a nice...Vacation
-adventurous trip
-leisure and relaxing vacation
-a long drive trip

2-Body pampering
-Fish theraphy?(going to try this afternoon..haha..will update a post of this)

3-Watching movies/TV's-or just laying down on coutch. apparently DOING NOTHING ...

It all depends on us, or maybe relying on budget too...
The most important, everyone have to enjoy life, work and whatever their do while knowing what's best as our theraphy...


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