Friday, June 6, 2008

Weight and inch management

I'd managed to shed another approx 0.5kg. hehehe..bestnya..rasa mcm ringan sikit..
Another 3.7kg to get rid of. And, for the ukur lilit...,I'm targeting to loose another maybe 2' of my waist (currently 27'), and for hipp, as now is 36.5' I think it's ok already. Kalau kecik sgt nanti, bodyline tak lawo lak..heheh...
Now my target paling critical is peha and lengan. Mcmanapun nak kena buat weight loss and cardio training. Maybe nak kena mintak advise hubby kot...

But, overall since consuming herbalife is 4 star...thanks herbalife.
Anyone interested?

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