Monday, July 14, 2008

Ako learning day part 2-KL Birds Park

Our happy moments captured by the photographer...All the birds jinak, malangnya Ako menangis ketakutan sbb takut dgn burung....yg kecikpun takut...isk isk...camne la anak BOY ibu ni....hehehe

N, souvenier from KL Birds park-singing birds...

And, here are the pixs at the KL Bird park(largest in the world they said...)

About KL Birds Park(Hornbill Park):

Malaysian : RM15 (adult), RM6 (3 years old and above child) nper entry

Foreigner : RM38 (adult) and RM23 (child) per entry

Open from 9am untill 7pm(if I'm not mistaken)

Birds Show : 2 session provided. 1 in the morning(not sure the exact time) and 3:30pm in the afternoon.

Photography session : RM20 per session with their camera, but only RM5 with own camera provided 1 color printing pix(B5 size) complete with framed of KL birds park.

Overal comment : BEST!! Worth to pay only RM15 for an about 2-3 hours touring, exploring, watching bird show etc...and of course very godd trip for your 3 and above years old kids.

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