Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alani and nuigurumi(dolls), Ako and Thomas

When we were first time buying toys for Alani, we were just about to buy few balls yg ada mcm bunyi..quite interesting for her development, we thought.
But, when we passing dolls section, she laughed while looking at a cute pink shirted teddy bear.
I stopped and look at her. Confirmed, she was so excited; lauging while waving mcm nak grab that teddy bear.
Hmm....maybe girls interest is more to teddy bear.
So, as a test, my hubby show her 2 different type of teddy bear. 1 with yellow shirt and the other was wearing a pink.
And, u know what...without thinking(hehe...yes, of course she don't think yet), she grab that PINK teddy bear. We laughed and said...sasuga girl..
So, after this we know what to buy for her....

And for Ako, as I mentioned in the previous entry, he is the Thomas and friends collector.
Complete with the CDs, all the trains and Thomas character bags(sort of briefcase).

The critical part is Ako had a list of all trains and collections of Thomas products.Normally before sleep or whenever we go, he will say 'Ibu, Ako ingat nak beli hmm....Emily la arini'.


Mummy H&H said...

Banyak nyer mainan abg Ako & adek Alani.. cermat yer abg ako, tak rosak pon brg mainan dier.. impressed! Kalau Hakim, dah 'selamat' dah tue, tayar ke mana, badan train ke mana... hihih...

YANI said...

Abg Ako memang beli mainan die-cast buat dr besi..yg balik ke dinding pun tak pecah...pastu tayarpun takleh cabut...tu yg kukuh je tu..yg lain2, semua dah takde rupa original toys dah..hehehe