Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cuti cuti Melaka-Seri Malaysia Ayer Keroh

We stayed at Seri Malaysia Ayer Keroh. Becoz of the strategic location, rooms and the most important is the swimming pool. This is our 2nd visit here and the hotel is still remain as clean and we went before. Only the breakfast was quite disappointed..

Ako sempat mandi 2 kali, right after we arrived and first thing after he woke up on Sun morning. It was so worth it to stay here coz we fully utilized the facilities...;) happy they are...including Alani. Eventhough this is the first time we rendamkan her in a pool(sejukkkk tau), but she was so happy...!!


Seeee.......happy happy happy!!
Ako, playing simbah2 air ngan few other GIRLS...actually can't even differentiate which one is boy...hmmm....(btw, please ignore the 2 womans's not me..i'm the photographer...ihik)

In the room...

And, at night, we went to Jusco(just about 10 mins drive) to have dinner and singgah kejap take pixs from the pintu gerbang Ayer Keroh. Hubby and Ako panjat that tower yg tinggggiii jugak...while Alani and me pekena teh ais kat warong bawah tu. Actually tower ni just betul2 sebelah our hotel.

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