Friday, July 11, 2008

Apple Puree replacing Gerber/Heinz !!

Normally I give Alani any fruit or organic food from either Gerber or Heinz product. But, since last few days our stock was out, I tried a new recipe as per introduced by Mummy H&H. (Thk Arni!).

And, here are the outcomes...jeng jeng!

1 whole apples, water, honey..

I improvised it by mixing it with natural honey. Since Alani's cough is still there, instead to make it more sweeter, also good for her health.

Raw unblended Manuka Honey

Alani makan berselera! Huh..lega rasanya. Even masa tu her mood not so stable, asyik melalak je..but, when I hulurkan sudu, dia terus bukak mulut, dan after few seconds, still hunger for best!

See her 'sedapnya....' face right..hehe

Dr penuh bekas tu, tinggal byk ni je....

And, I kept the left in the refregarator for tonight's dinner.


Mummy H&H said...

haa, best kan Alani-chan, "recipe auntie" (cehh perasan jerr)? *wink*

kak yani, pasnih kiter wat jikken lain2 perasa plak, okeh? hihih...

Me_Bee N Kids said...

Oishissou da nee ..Mama Double H mmg rajin mengeksperimen yekkk..
Gambare Mama H&H ..
Buat rasa pear ke ..sweet potatoes ....:) ...

Tirana said...

Salam Yani..just to share my experience..

Masa anak-anak kak tirana kecil dulu, kak tirana campurkan buah-buahan dalam baby food yang ready made macam nestle product tu.. Kak tirana blend epal..kadang-kadang perah orange sunkist..kadang-kadang lenyek pisang then campurkan dengan bijirin bayi nestle. Kak tirana buat ni maaa umur anak 4month and above.. Kena pelbagaikan perisa supaya diorang tak jemu..