Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend on last day Syaban#3

On that same day we went to my aunt house. Main purpose is to visit my cousin's hubby who were seriuosly injured accident with a tank lorry. A big surprise where he is not just healthy but he was almost 70% recovered. Didn't took his pix, lagipun mcm rasa segan lak..nak ambik gambar org sakit kan...
Well, as he is healthy, and healthy enough to make jokes and told all his experiences while he is koma and at the other world, the most shock thing he said was
'Abg Sham kena gelek dengan tayar depan lori tu. dia gelek atas kepala dengan bahu..kena dada sekali. nasib baik tak kena gelek ngan tayar belakang sekali. Abg Sham rasa masa dia gelek...nasib baik la tergolek ke kanan jalan..masa tu, dah terfikir, kalau la kena tayar belakang dia sekali...'
Punyala rasional nya. Walhal the incident just happen not more than 1 mth ago.
Memang betulla, in any incident, accident, illness the most important is SPIRIT.

Ok, then after that most shocked story, we all just happen to know that day is my cousin's daughter birthday. My cousin punyala express..(dia baru teringat agaknya..) terus gi keluar, beli kek.
'Happy 2nd birthday Farhani'.
Does she looks like my daughter Alani?

Alani looks bigger dr umur dia. Farhani tu 2 thn..Alani just masuk 11 bln..besar or..tinggi kot my daughter. Maybe sbb maksud her name..Alani is a ketinggian. Btw, the woman holding Farhani is my cousin, wife to the accident's guy I mentioned above.

The express 'home made' cake.

Farhani tiup lilin while her bro Amirul watching sambil tgh tunggu turn nak kacau la ending energy to play...

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